Randomness: Just think of the following as a collection of tweets that you can get all at once, without having to wait. PS– if you’re not following KentShocknek on Twitter, then you’re missing… uh, well; a lot, that’s all. Just a whole lot of stuff. Good stuff.

I was going to post a couple of pictures of people in –curious– swimsuits with some snarky message about staying cool when it gets this hot. But even with the resources of the whole http://www., there’s not a lot of appropriate content to show. And if I spent much more time looking through source material, I’m sure bells would go off in my HR department.

Dodgers: better off with Manny, or without?

I’m test driving a Honda Clarity today: powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Full report to follow; but the shape, the instrument panel, and the ‘engine’-sound, make me realize that we’ve arrived at the age of the Jetson’s.

Do we even think there will be a debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman for California’s Governor’s race? It’s hard enough for reporters to get in questions at media events. The two candidates aren’t exactly making themselves available (which is why I was so glad to see our political reporter Dave Bryan sit down with both earlier, for genuinely extended sessions).

Is it true that “most” teens text an average of 100 times a day? I understand the recent surveys that show incoming college freshmen think emails are too slow… but that many texts? I’m not sure I have 100 things to say. (As today’s blog post demonstrates. -Ed.)


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