LOS ANGELES – A little more up here, a little less in the thighs, and how about a little less here! Never heard of ankle liposuction?

Yvette, who makes her living as a model, had it done. She feels her ankles were large in comparison to her thighs and wanted a subtle change.

Shaping the ankle is a specialty of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Michael Churukian.

He has performed this procedure for over 20 years and has the before and after pictures to prove it works, whether you want a subtle or very visible change. Still he says, it’s a dramatic procedure.

Using a micro-cannula, he removes small amounts of fat from four areas of the ankle, known as the quadrants.

If you want to get the procedure done, you should use a surgeon that specializes in ankle liposuction to lessen the chance of complications.

Complications can include: swelling, bruising, fluid build-up and in rare cases, numbness.

Recovery can be as quick as two to three days, but depending on the amount of fat you have taken out of your ankle, swelling can last for months.

Once the swelling is resolved, Dr. Churukian says the fat from the ankle is gone, and from his experience will not come back in the ankles.

Dr. Churukian says the most important thing is to ask your physician questions before you get the procedure done.

For more information, visit his Web site or contact the American Board of Medical Specialties for doctors that specialize in this surgery.


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