An investigator warns Jeff Dills that he may be charged if he doesn't tell the complete truth in his interview. (Video recorded October 8, 2003)

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Episode 7: The California Supreme CourtThis episode, two years in the making, reveals the California Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling. You'll witness Kimberly’s reaction when she learns if California’s high court will send her back to prison or remove her conviction. In this dramatic episode, we are giving you a chance to hear and see it unfold in a special video presentation... and find out why this is not the final chapter in Kimberly’s story.
Lawyers For Kimberly Long Encouraged By Governor Newsom's CommentsThe governor told CBS2/KCAL9's Randy Paige he couldn't comment about the Long case specifically due to a pending court ruling but he seemed to indicate he would step in if the ruling is inconsistent with "what many of us believe."
Gov. Newsom Reacts To CBSLA InvestigationA Corona mother went to prison for a murder she says she didn't commit. Now Gov. Newsom may be getting involved in her case. Randy Paige just talked to the governor about Kimberly Long's case.
Preview: 'Flawed Justice: The Kimberly Long Story' PodcastIt's a story years in the making. Tonight, we take a look at the story of Kimberly Long - the basis for our new podcast.
The Experts Weigh In On The Case"If this had been your case, what would you have done?" Retired LA County Sheriff Homicide Detective, Gil Carrillo offers his thoughts on the case.
Convicted Killer Claims He Knows Who Killed Ozzy CondeMany people believe Kimberly Long was wrongfully convicted of murdering Ozzy Conde. Randy Paige has details on one of the revelations from the new podcast.
This Evidence Could Have Been A Game Changer In The Kimberly Long CaseHow could Kimberly Long beat Ozzy Conde to death without getting any blood on her clothes? Randy Paige reports.
WATCH: Randy Paige previews our new CBSLA 'true crime' style podcast, "Flawed Justice: The Kimberly Long Story"Listen to the 4 minute preview and then download all episodes at or wherever you listen to podcasts.
Episode 3: Kimberly Long Asks About Her ShotgunKimberly Long tells investigators she had a shotgun in her house, and asks if the gun was found next to Ozzy Conde's body. (Video recorded October 6, 2003)
Episode 2: Jeff Dills Describes Kimberly Long's ClothingJeff Dills tells investigators what Kimberly Long was wearing the night of the killing, including her jacket. (Video recorded October 8, 2003)
Episode 2: Jeff Dills Is Warned To Tell The TruthAn investigator warns Jeff Dills that he may be charged if he doesn't tell the complete truth in his interview. (Video recorded October 8, 2003)
Episode 1: Kimberly Long Describes Finding Ozzy Conde's BodyKimberly Long tells investigators she panicked when she found Ozzy Conde's body, and could still hear him breathing before paramedics arrived. This video contains explicit language. (Video recorded October 6, 2003)
Episode 1: Jeff Dills Describes TimelineJeff Dills describes the timeline of when he dropped Kimberly Long back at her house the night of the murder. (Video recorded October 9, 2003)
Episode 1: Jeff Dills Describes Kimberly Long's Fight With Ozzy CondeJeff Dills tells investigators that he stepped in when he saw Kimberly Long try to hit Ozzy Conde in the face during an argument the night of the murder. (Video recorded October 8, 2003)
Only On 9: Judge Says Kimberly Long Is Likely Innocent Of A Murder Charge -- So Why Might She Be Put Back Behind Bars?The judge who presided over her criminal trial, and exonerated her, says Kimberly Long is probably innocent. So why could she be heading back to prison? Randy Paige explains why.
New Charges Possible Against Corona Nurse Whose Murder Conviction Was OverturnedKimberly Long was convicted of beating her boyfriend to death. That conviction was overturned in 2016. Randy Paige reports.
Woman Could Go Back To Prison After Murder Conviction Was Reversed 2 Years AgoKimberly Long was released from prison nearly two years ago after serving over seven years in jail for being convicted of killing her boyfriend. Michele Gile reports.
Woman Released On Bail After Riverside Judge Overturns 2003 Murder ConvictionA judge ordered that Kimberly Long's 2003 conviction for the murder of her boyfriend to be overturned, and Long will face a new trial in the future. Randy Paige reports.

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