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Veterans' Voices: Businesses Band Together To Help Veterans Get Back On Their FeetMultiple business in Santa Clarita have joined forces to help improve the lives of veterans.
Veterans' Voices: Connecting Vets With StudentsFor two decades an educator in Riverside has helped veterans make connections with the younger generation. He puts veterans and students face to face for a conversation that changes lives.
Veterans' Voices: Special Resources For VetsThe Monrovia Library is offering resources for veterans to help in their job search.
Veterans' Voices: Bringing Pin-Ups Back To LifeA blast from the past is boosting morale for veterans across the country.
Veterans' Voices: Giving BackMarine Corp vet Blas Villalobos says serving is something he'd always wanted to do.
Veterans' Voices: Helping Vets Through The ArtsOne man is trying to help relieve veterans' stress as they reenter civilian life, using the power of the arts. CBS2's Suzanne Marques reports on Hippolife.
Veterans' Voices: Operation Vet SailA new program is helping veterans re-acclimate to civilian life by encouraging them to take the helm. CBS2's Pat Harvey has more on the American Sailing Association's Operation Vet Sail.
Veterans' Voices: Golfing For VetsActor, comedian and Marine Corps veteran Rob Riggle recently hosted his InVETational golf tournament in Westlake Village, which benefits veterans through the Semper Fi Fund. CBS2's Pat Harvey takes us there.
Veterans' Voices: Fighting For Vets' Health ProtectionsA veteran suddenly found himself in mysterious, crippling pain. Then he almost died because of a misdiagnosis at the VA, and was left unprotected by a decades-old loophole. Pat Harvey has the story of the man who's now taking his fight for other veterans to the U.S. Capitol.
Veterans' Voices: Tuskegee Airman Recalls WWIIOne of the surviving Tuskegee Airmen talks about his service to America during World War II. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: The Greatest Generation101-year-old veteran Lloyd Frederickson fought on Omaha Beach and in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Tonight he shares his story with determination and pride. CBS2's Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: Getting The Support Vets NeedA partnership between UCLA Health, the U.S. military and the Department of Veterans Affairs is helping veterans not only get the medical treatment they need at no cost, but also an extra layer of love and support. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: Using Military Strengths In The ClassroomIt can be difficult transitioning out of the military into civilian life. CBS2's Pat Harvey shows us one LAUSD program that helps veterans use their military strengths in the classroom.
Veterans' Voices: Fighting The War On TerrorA U.S. Army sergeant is sharing his stories from the front line of the global war on terror. CBS2's Pat Harvey has more on the firefights he survived and the rescues he helped pull off.
Veterans' Voices: Connecting Vets And RecruitsLt. Col. Patrick Flood is helping veterans and recruits 'be all they can be'.
Veterans' Voices: Gone Fishin'A local group of anglers shares their passion for fishing with vets and treats them to a carefree day on the water.
Veterans' Voices: 97-Year-Old WWII Vet Tells Her StoryShe signed up to serve as an Army nurse during World War II. 75 years later, she's telling her story. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: Preserving WWII Vets' StoriesA photographer is traveling the U.S. to interview the last surviving World War II veterans, taking their pictures and documenting their experiences. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: Telling Latino Vietnam Vets' StoriesA Latino veteran's son was so inspired by his father's service in Vietnam that he turned his and other vets' stories into a play. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: Helping Entrepreneurs Make Dreams Come TrueMeet a group of veteran entrepreneurs with big dreams – and a program designed specifically for their success. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans Voices: Call Of DutyFor U.S. Navy vet August Dannehl, 9/11 was a call he could not ignore. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: Merging Vets & PlayersA group of former pro athletes is working to help vets returning home from active duty.
Veterans' Voices: Poisoned At Camp Lejeune?As many as 900,000 servicemembers may have been exposed to contaminated water over decades at Camp Lejeune. One local veteran who was stationed there wants to share his story with others who may have been affected. Pat Harvey reports.
Veterans' Voices: Operation CoachTransitioning out of the military can be a challenge for veterans entering the next chapter of their life. Veterans with a passion for sports can make a difference in the life of a child while advancing their own. Pat Harvey reports.

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