2 On Your Side: Airport Baggage FeesYou get charged for overweight bags when you check in for a flight - but how do you know they're really overweight? Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Data Breaches IncreasingTens of millions of Americans have been affected by data breaches, and a new report by the Identity Theft Resource Center counted nearly 1,500 breaches of U.S. private and government organizations last year — a 17% increase. Kristine Lazar investigates.
2 On Your Side: Compton MakeoverAfter more than a year of following Compton's pothole crisis, Kristine Lazar says city leaders have unveiled plans to address streets that residents say have been neglected for decades.
2 On Your Side: Waste Management InvestigationCity leaders have ordered a full investigation into Waste Management after 2 On Your Side showed video of its drivers putting waste and recycling frm an apartment complex into the same truck - a big "no-no" in the recycling world.
`2 On Your Side: Santa Clarita Rent IncreaseLow-income seniors in the Santa Clarita Valley say they'll soon be homeless after their landlord gave notice to increase their rents by as much as 55 percent.
2 On Your Side: Woman Left With Hefty Bill After Alleged Predatory TowA local woman said she was the victim of a predatory tow after she said a tow truck driver impersonated someone from a roadside assistance plan, leaving her with a hefty bill to get her car out of the shop.
2 On Your Side: Recall WarningsHundreds of products are recalled every year - many of them with dangerous defects. But most Americans don't know about these recalls.
2 On Your Side: What Does California's New Privacy Law Mean For Consumers?Kristine Lazar looks into how California's new privacy law will impact consumers in California come Jan. 1.
On Your Side: Tyler GreyThis army veteran fought through pain and found his new dream in Hollywood.
2 On Your Side: Porch PiratesThe U.S. Postal Service is set to deliver about 20 million packages per day over the next two days - which could give ample opportunity to porch pirates. Here are some steps you can take to protect your stuff.
2 On Your Side: Charter School ComplaintsA popular Westside charter school is accused of potentially illegally restricting enrollment after a Spanish speaking student claims his application was held up and he was forced to jump through hoops.
2 On Your Side: RecycLAAre local efforts to help the environment going to waste? Kristine Lazar reports recyclables are being mixed in with the trash.
2 On Your Side: Edison Town HallLocal lawmakers are calling on the state to conduct an independent investigation into SoCal Edison's power shutoffs back in October - which the utility said were necessary due to high fire danger.
2 On Your Side: Gift Card Fraud'Tis the season for giving - and stealing - when it comes to one of the most popular Christmas gifts.
2 On Your Side: Thieves Targeting Gift CardsGift cards make for convenient holiday shopping, but are they giving thieves access to your money? Kristine Lazar shows just how easy it is for criminals to get gift card numbers in the store, then steal the money added later.
2 On Your Side: Cities Charging Hundreds Of Dollars For Medical Emergency 911 CallsA growing number of California cities are now charging an extra fee when people call 911 for a medical emergency, forcing some to shell out hundreds of dollars in addition to their ambulance bill. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Edison BlackoutsSoCal Edison customers who lost their power during high fire danger were billed for the blackout. Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Pet Sitter Horror StoriesA year ago, we investigated a popular pet sitting app after several pets died in the care of their sitters. Since then, viewers have contacted us about their own horror stories.
2 On Your Side: Couple Returns Home To Disgusting Scene After Using Popular Pet-Sitting AppOur investigation into a popular pet-sitting app reveals the limitations of its screening process. One pet owner recalls returning home to a disgusting discovery as she speaks with "2 On Your Side" reporter Kristine Lazar.
2 On Your Side: Hero Loan WarningsA Ladera Heights senior is in jeopardy of losing her home after getting a "hero loan". Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Woman Nearly Loses Finger Due To Car Safety DefectA local woman almost lost her finger after her car window failed to stop. Now, there's a lawsuit claiming millions of cars could have the same safety defect, putting people at risk of serious injury.
2 On Your Side: Adult Children Leaning On ParentsAre high student debts and low-paying entry-level jobs causing adult children to move back in with their parents? Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Does The Used Car You're Buying Meet Safety Standard?2 On Your Side's Kristine Lazar says as many as one in nine used vehicles have Takata air bags which have been recalled.
2 On Your Side: Key Me KiosksNowadays we want to do everything with the click of a button - including making house keys. But one company is offering a key duplication service that has some security experts concerned.

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