2 On Your Side: Timeshare TroublesMillions have it - but what happens when you want out of a timeshare? Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Pothole ProblemsResidents in Compton are sounding off over the city's potholes. Kristine Lazar has more.
2 On Your Side: Rental ScamsTwo local victims are speaking out amid a rise in rental scams.
2 On Your Side: Bed Bug FightA San Bernardino County landlord is charging seniors thousands of dollars to get rid of bed bugs. Kristine Lazar confronted management.
2 On Your Side: Job ScamsCBS 2 News at 5:00 p.m.
2 On Your Side: Compton Potholes, Pt. 2Compton's mayor says the city is working to fix its pothole problem.
2 On Your Side: Robocalls2 On Your Side's Kristine Lazar explains what your phone carrier is doing to curb the robocall crisis.
2 On Your Side: Pothole ProblemThe people of Compton say they can't catch a break when it comes to their streets. Take a drive through the city and you'll see roads riddled with potholes. City leaders say they're working on it but residents say not fast enough. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Grieving Family FightA Southland man suffered a heart attack overseas. Now his family is fighting with his insurance company to pay them back.
2 On Your Side: Returning To Gibson RanchMore than one year after the Creek Fire ripped through Gibson Ranch, CBS2's Kristine Lazar returns to Sunland where she helped to rescue dozens of horses.
2 On Your Side: Swim School ControversyA popular swim school in the San Fernando Valley closed without refunding some of its customers and paying more than a dozen employees.
2 On Your Side: Signs Of ConfusionWe've all been there. You pull up to a parking spot and then you can't decipher the signs. You either end up with a parking ticket or a headache or both. Kristine Lazar reports.
2 On Your Side: Construction NightmareHome sales may be slowing down, but there's no sign of a housing slump on one Southland street.
Woolsey Fire Victims Claim Being Billed For Services Not RenderedA company's policy is to bill people, even those who have lost their homes, for service they didn't receive because of the Woolsey Fire and then credit them back that amount. But that's not sitting well with some customers.
2 On Your Side: Following The Fire FundsKristine Lazar shows us what's being done with your generations donations.
2 On Your Side: Boy Gets WheelchairWe've got an update on the 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy who's finally getting his first wheelchair after CBS2 stepped in. Kristine Lazar has the heartwarming video in tonight's 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: Insurance Company Denies Wheelchair For Special-Needs ChildThe mother of a 5-year-old boy who can't walk says their insurance company wouldn't cover the cost of a wheelchair. CBS2's Kristine Lazar gets results for that family in tonight's 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: LA Fitness ContractsIs one local gym being upfront about what its new customers are signing up for? CBS2's Kristine Lazar goes undercover and gets results for unhappy LA Fitness customers in this 2 On Your Side report.
2 On Your Side: $260,000 Phone BillA local brewery says hackers racked up a $260,000 phone bill on their account, then Frontier refused to get rid of the charges. CBS2's Kristine Lazar gets results in tonight's 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: Tree LiabilityWhat happens if a county tree falls on your property, causing thousands in damage? Kristine Lazar looks at who is left holding the bill.
2 On Your Side: NFL Playoff Ticket ScamsA Silver Lake couple learned the hard way that NFL playoff games are big targets for scammers. CBS2's Kristine Lazar shows us how these Rams fans were tricked out of their money, and how you can avoid becoming a victim, in tonight's 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: Lottery Winner Still Waiting For Her PrizeAn O.C. senior says she hasn't received nearly $1,000 in prize money from a scratch-off lottery ticket, months after winning. CBS2's Kristine Lazar investigates in tonight's 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: Missing Yelp ReviewsYelp reviews can make or break a business. That's why some local small businesses are up in arms after they say the website hid dozens of their 5-star reviews. CBS2's Kristine Lazar investigates in tonight's 2 On Your Side.
2 On Your Side: Zelle App Payment FraudZelle is an easy-to-use app that allows people to send money instantly with just a phone number or email address. But it's also making fraudsters' jobs easier too. CBS2's Kristine Lazar gets results for one fraud victim in tonight's 2 On Your Side.

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