LA District Attorney's Office Reviewing Case Against Ed BuckThe review comes six months after a second man was found dead in the prominent Democratic donor's WeHo apartment.
City Of LA Takes Action After Goldstein Investigation Reveals Unused Security CamerasJust two days after a CBSLA David Goldstein investigation revealed more than $150,000 worth of security equipment meant to catch illegal dumpers, Mayor Eric Garcetti's office has announced those cameras will now go into use.
Goldstein Investigates: Police Work To Shut Down Illegal Cannabis ShopsDavid Goldstein investigates how unlicensed and illegal cannabis shops are going to great lengths to stay open after being supposedly shut down by officials.
California Lawmakers React To Horse Deaths At Santa Anita ParkCalifornia lawmakers are speaking out on the grisly horse deaths at Santa Anita Park after a 25th horse was euthanized Sunday and a David Godstein investigation uncovered36 horse deaths in 2018.
Lawmakers React To David Goldstein Investigation On Santa Anita Horse DeathsRep. Judy Chu is among those speaking out on the grisly horse deaths at Santa Anita Park.
Goldstein Investigates: 36 Additional Horse Deaths Occurred At Santa Anita In 2018Amid the controversy over 23 horses who have died while racing or training at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia since December, CBS2 has uncovered that there were 36 additional horse deaths at Santa Anita in 2018.
Goldstein Investigates: Metro Proposes Plans To Spend $200K On Saunas And Steam RoomsWhile the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority struggles to replace buses that broke down and caught fire because of a lack of money, the agency is proposing spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on steam and sauna rooms in a fitness center used by its employees.
Goldstein Investigates: College Cheating ScandalDavid Goldstein investigates the college admissions cheating scandal. He tracked down and confronted one of the key figures in this case.
Metro To Scrap Last Of Diesel BusesMonths after uncovering the dangers, David Goldstein has an update on the old diesel buses that tend to catch fire.
Goldstein Investigates: MTA Taking All Diesel Buses Off RoadsMonths after a David Goldstein investigation that exposed burning buses, the MTA is pulling those buses off the roads. The move comes after yet another bus fire today. David Goldstein has the latest developments in his ongoing investigation.
George Clooney Calls For Boycott Of Beverly Hills Hotel Over Brunei’s Death Penalty Laws For GaysActor George Clooney has called for a boycott of nine upscale hotels – including two in Los Angeles -- owned by the Sultan of Brunei over news that his small nation will next week begin implementing laws punishing gay people and those accused of adultery by stoning or whipping them to death.
Goldstein Investigations: Tracking Down The Man Who Tipped Feds About College Admissions ScandalDavid Goldstein literally runs after Morrie Tobin, the man who the feds say tipped them off to the college admissions bribery scandal.
Goldstein Investigation: Money Flows Like Water At Water Board MeetingsDavid Goldstein finds the money flows like water at water board meetings.
Goldstein Investigation: Getting Paid For A 5-Minute MeetingDavid Goldstein found this water district board member paid for catered meetings that sometimes last only minutes, and it's all on the rate payer's dime.
LAPD Employee Caught Commuting In Department's Electric BMWThe Los Angeles Police Department's efforts to go green with electric cars is raising some red flags, including a police psychologist who was caught using one of the department's fleet of electric BMW's to commute to and from work.
Goldstein Investigation: LAPD Employee Caught Commuting In Department's Electric BMWThe LAPD's efforts to go green with electric cars is raising some red flags.
Goldstein Preview: Ed Buck ConfrontationDavid Goldstein confronted wealthy political donor Ed Buck about the two men who were found dead in his West Hollywood apartment.
Goldstein Investigation: Tax Payer Goes To Groups That Help The Homeless -- Even If They're Not EligibleDavid Goldstein found five organizations that were delinquent in their filing responsibilities with the Attorney General's office. They were given millions of dollars even if they were ineligible.
Goldstein Investigates: Lease TakeoversExotic cars come with a price, usually a big lease payment. But when some owners wanted to get out of their leases, they claim an LA company took them for a ride.
Goldstein Investigates: GoFundMe ScamsDavid Goldstein investigates people collecting donations online through websites like GoFundMe. Where is all that money going?
MTA To Add 17 New Buses In Response To Goldstein InvestigationJust two weeks after our CBS2 investigation exposed serious issues with MTA buses, officials are taking action.
Goldstein Investigation: LA Sanitation Worker In DUI Crash No Longer Employed With CityCity officials say sanitation worker Adrian Corrales no longer has a job. David Goldstein reports.
LA Yanks Sanitation Driver Off Streets After Goldstein InvestigationLA city officials tonight are taking action after a David Goldstein investigation about a city employee who totaled a city truck and then was cited for a second DUI and he was allowed to go back to work. Now the city has changed its tune.
Caught On Camera: Air-Conditioning Repairmen Inflate Fees To Fix Simple ProblemDavid Goldstein reports.

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