Goldstein Investigations: Tracking Down The Man Who Tipped Feds About College Admissions ScandalDavid Goldstein literally runs after Morrie Tobin, the man who the feds say tipped them off to the college admissions bribery scandal.
Goldstein Investigation: Money Flows Like Water At Water Board MeetingsDavid Goldstein finds the money flows like water at water board meetings.
Goldstein Investigation: Getting Paid For A 5-Minute MeetingDavid Goldstein found this water district board member paid for catered meetings that sometimes last only minutes, and it's all on the rate payer's dime.
LAPD Employee Caught Commuting In Department's Electric BMWThe Los Angeles Police Department's efforts to go green with electric cars is raising some red flags, including a police psychologist who was caught using one of the department's fleet of electric BMW's to commute to and from work.
Goldstein Investigation: LAPD Employee Caught Commuting In Department's Electric BMWThe LAPD's efforts to go green with electric cars is raising some red flags.
Goldstein Preview: Ed Buck ConfrontationDavid Goldstein confronted wealthy political donor Ed Buck about the two men who were found dead in his West Hollywood apartment.
Goldstein Investigation: Tax Payer Goes To Groups That Help The Homeless -- Even If They're Not EligibleDavid Goldstein found five organizations that were delinquent in their filing responsibilities with the Attorney General's office. They were given millions of dollars even if they were ineligible.
Goldstein Investigates: Lease TakeoversExotic cars come with a price, usually a big lease payment. But when some owners wanted to get out of their leases, they claim an LA company took them for a ride.
Goldstein Investigates: GoFundMe ScamsDavid Goldstein investigates people collecting donations online through websites like GoFundMe. Where is all that money going?
MTA To Add 17 New Buses In Response To Goldstein InvestigationJust two weeks after our CBS2 investigation exposed serious issues with MTA buses, officials are taking action.
Goldstein Investigation: LA Sanitation Worker In DUI Crash No Longer Employed With CityCity officials say sanitation worker Adrian Corrales no longer has a job. David Goldstein reports.
LA Yanks Sanitation Driver Off Streets After Goldstein InvestigationLA city officials tonight are taking action after a David Goldstein investigation about a city employee who totaled a city truck and then was cited for a second DUI and he was allowed to go back to work. Now the city has changed its tune.
Caught On Camera: Air-Conditioning Repairmen Inflate Fees To Fix Simple ProblemDavid Goldstein reports.
Goldstein Investigation: $1.3M Paving Machine Homeless Man Was Using For Shelter Back On The Road After CBS2 ReportA barely-used, $1.3 million paving machine that a homeless man had been using as shelter was back on the road Friday, just days after a CBS2 News' report.
Goldstein Investigation: $1.3 Million Paving Machine Sits Idle While Homeless Man Lives UnderneathIt appears the city may be going to great lengths to hide the expensive machine. David Goldstein reports.
Goldstein Investigation: Millions In LA DWP Ratepayer Money Going To CharityIn total, more than $5 million was donated by LADWP to charities between 2015 and 2017, CBS2 determined. David Goldstein reports.
Goldstein Investigation: City-Funded Work On Sidewalks For Disabled May Need To Be Ripped UpThe Department of Disability admits that if errors were made the work will have to be redone, with taxpayers paying again. David Goldstein reports.
Goldstein Investigation: $10 Million LAPD Electric BMWs Appear Unused Or MisusedSome of those cars are sitting in the garage. David Goldstein reports.
Goldstein Investigation: Some City Workers Go Home After Short Day But Still Get PaidMost people have to put in eight hours of work to get eight hours worth of pay. But not so with some city of LA workers Investigative Reporter David Goldstein caught with hidden cameras. David Goldstein reports.
Developer Ordered To Inform Residents Of Downtown LA Building's Fire Code ViolationsInspectors said the space, which houses artists' lofts and offices, had been converted from industrial space into apartments “without the required permits and approvals.” David Goldstein reports.

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