LA County Registrar: 'All Hands On Deck' To Address Voting Machine Issues Before NovemberThe Los Angeles County Registrar's Office is promising changes after a David Goldstein investigation last year criticized their new election machines.
Goldstein Investigates: EDD Phone Worker Says Agents Not Properly TrainedA phone worker for the California Employment Development Department who spoke with CBS Los Angeles on the condition of anonymity said the system was "not working right now."
LA Fire Chief Unsure Why Smoke Shop That Went Up In Flames Was Never InspectedThere are new questions about a building in downtown Los Angeles that burst into flames last weekend in a fire that injured a dozen firefighters.
Goldstein Investigates: Downtown Smoke Shop That Caught Fire, Injuring 12 Firefighters, Was Not LicensedAccording to the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, there were no commercial license records associated with the location in the 300 block of East Boyd Street, and the Los Angeles Fire Department said it had no records of inspections.
Lawmaker Calls For Action At COVID-Plagued Terminal IslandSan Pedro Congresswoman Nannette Barragan got a firsthand look at the coronavirus-plagued Terminal Island federal prison Tuesday.
Man Blames Terminal Island For 70-Year-Old Dad's DeathThe son of an inmate who died of COVID-19 at Terminal Island Federal Prison blames the prison for his death.
Families Push For Inmates At Terminal Island To Be Released Due To COVID OutbreakSo far, 644 inmates have tested positive, the second-most of any federal prison in the country.
LA Mayor's 'Angeleno Card' Program Plagued By Name GlitchThe mayor's fund for the city of Los Angeles has raised millions in contributions. But where is the money going?
Goldstein Investigates: Terminal Island Inmate Families Protest Prison Conditions After 5 Die From CoronavirusSo far, five inmates have died from the virus, and over have the prison population has tested positive. Cases surged 900 percent in one week. On Friday, family members of inmates protested outside the prison.
Goldstein Investigates: 2 More Terminal Island Inmates Dead As Coronavirus Outbreak WorsensTwo more inmates have died at the federal prison on Terminal Island as the facility's COVID-19 outbreak continues to worsen.
Goldstein Investigates: Terminal Island Federal Prison Reports 900% Increase In Coronavirus CasesThe coronavirus outbreak at the federal prison on Terminal Island continues to get worse, with more than half of the population now testing positive for the illness.
Terminal Island Inmate Families Concerned As Facility's Coronavirus Outbreak WorsensLast week, the Terminal Island Correctional Facility in San Pedro had 57 inmates who tested positive for COVID-19. In just seven days, that number has skyrocketed nearly 700 percent.
Pics Of Crammed DASH Bus Riders Prompt Changes After Goldstein InvestigationThe city of L.A. is limiting the number of riders allowed on DASH buses after David Goldstein's investigation.
Goldstein Investigates: Hidden Cameras Expose Grocery Store Employees Not Wearing Masks After HoursEssential employees at stores have been ordered to wear face coverings for weeks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But, in a new David Goldstein Investigation, our hidden cameras found that’s not the case after hours.
Terminal Island Correctional Facility Has 3rd-Highest COVID-19 Cases In USThe Terminal Island Correctional Facility in San Pedro has mostly nonviolent prisoners - and we found it has the third-most COVID-19 cases in the country.
Goldstein Investigates: DASH Drivers Concerned For Safety Amid COVID-19 PandemicDASH buses run shorter distances in and around the city of Los Angeles, but drivers are angry because they have been told they cannot enforce the mayor's directives of social distancing and wearing face coverings.
Metro Drivers Fear Lack Of Social Distancing, Passenger Face Masks After Latest COVID-19 TestMetro has just announced that another bus operator tested positive for COVID-19 and other drivers are understandably scared.
Goldstein Investigates: MTA Bus Drivers Talk Of Strike Over Coronavirus PandemicBus drivers say they are on the front lines dealing with passengers without the proper safety precautions, and now some are considering taking action.
'Shut It Down': MTA Drivers Worried About COVID-19, Say Riders Now 'Mostly Homeless And Sick People'At least 16 MTA employees have tested positive for COVID-19 - and bus drivers say they’re scared.
Carson Officials Call For MTA To Shut Down Bus Depot After Driver Tests Positive For COVID-19City officials are reacting after a David Goldstein investigation discovered a lack of hand sanitizer at bus depots.
Contractor For MTA Short On Hand Sanitizer Days After Driver Tests Positive For CoronavirusThe first driver of an MTA bus has tested positive for COVID-19 - and now other drivers are worried.
LAX Limits Capacity On Employee Shuttles After CBS2 InvestigationNew changes are already in place hours after David Goldstein's report.
LAX Employees Crammed Onto Mandatory Shuttles Despite Social Distancing OrdersDavid Goldstein says changes are already underway after photos were shared with him showing workers standing shoulder to shoulder as efforts continue to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Goldstein Investigates: Counting Ballots Amid Coronavirus PandemicA livestream of the vote counting process at the Los Angeles County Registrar's Office Friday showed employees sitting close, passing ballots between one another without gloves and not following recommendations from the health department. David Goldstein investigates.

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