The dogs sell for $5,000 and up. And are so popular experts say thieves are targeting French bulldogs.

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CBS2 Investigates: Thieves Raid Catalytic Converters From 39 City Vehicles In North HollywoodInvestigative reporter David Goldstein reports on a Christmas weekend crime spree where thieves stole nearly 40 catalytic converters from vehicles at a city yard in North Hollywood, and it's not even the first time the city has been hit with similar crimes.
CBS2 Investigation: Dozens Of Unregulated COVID Testing Popping UpCBS2 Investigative reporter David Goldstein looks at the increasingly unregulated market for COVID-19 testing sites. While the state and federal government regulates labs that test the samples, they have no authority over sites that simply collect the samples.
LAPD Union Accuses City Commissioner Of Using Position To Secure a Contract For His CompanyThe Los Angeles Police Protective League believes that the emails show that Commissioner Pedram Salimpour, appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti to the Board of L.A. Fire and Police Pensions, conspired to get his company, PPS Health, which operates as Bluestone Safe, to the front of the line for a lucrative deal testing city employees for COVID-19. David Goldstein reports.
Fake Students Scam California Community Colleges By Stealing Financial AidThe federal government has funded billions of dollars in aid for students because of the pandemic — and so-called fake students have taken aim at the money. CBS 2's reporter David Goldstein investigates.
CBS2 Investigates: Violence In LAUSD On Rise As School Police DefundedCBS2 Investigative reporter David Goldstein examines a rise in violence in the Los Angeles Unified School District after the school board voted to defund police in schools. Goldstein obtained several disturbing videos of violence occurring both inside classrooms and outside school.
Goldstein Investigates: Booming Business Of Black Market Vaccine CardsCBS2 Investigative reporter David Goldestein unveils the black market business of selling fake vaccine cards.
LA City Inspectors Investigate SOLA Owned Building Near Downtown LACity inspectors moved in on a building near downtown LA just weeks after a CBS2 News Investigation exposed rats and roaches and terrible living conditions. Investigative reporter David Goldstein was there when they arrived. 
Exclusive: CBS2 Investigates Low Income Housing DeveloperDavid Goldstein reports on a company that acquires and renovates buildings targeted for low-income residents, but tenants show CBS2 that the living conditions are, in some cases, infested with roaches, bedbugs and spiders, along with leaking ceilings.
Huntington Beach Oil Spill TimelineDavid Goldstein investigates: An oil spill several miles off the coast of Orange County has quickly become an ecological disaster.
CBS2 Investigation Uncovers Dozens Of Security Breaches At LAXA CBS2 investigation has found that there have been more than 100 security breaches at Los Angeles International Airport over the last six years. David Goldstein reports.
CBS2 Investigates Gets Results; City Starts Testing Water After We Found High Levels Of E. Coli In Echo Park LakeCBS2 Investigative reporter David Goldstein speaks to a water quality expert about levels of e. coli bacteria found in Echo Park Lake.
'The Public Needs To Know': High Levels Of E. Coli Bacteria Found In Echo Park LakePeople are back out having fun on the swan boats and getting soaked under the fountain at Echo Park Lake, but is it safe?
Building Inspectors Survey Marina Del Rey Condo Complex After David Goldstein InvestigationJust one day after an investigation by CBS2's David Goldstein exposed potential problems at a Marina Del Rey condo, building inspectors were on the scene Thursday to survey the property.
Building Inspectors Survey Marina Del Rey Condo Complex Day After David Goldstein InvestigationJust one day after an investigation by CBS2's David Goldstein exposed potential problems at a Marina Del Rey condo, building inspectors were on the scene.
Exclusive: County Officials Order Inspection Of Marina City Club Towers In Marina Del ReyDavid Goldstein reports on the county's efforts to have the Marina City Club Towers condominium inspected after the tragic collapse of a condo building in Florida last week.
'It's Alarming To Me': Long Beach Building Inspectors On Alert Following Florida Condo CollapseLong Beach has hundreds of older high-rise buildings near the water, prompting building officials to take a hard look at the deadly building collapse in South Florida to see if any local changes should be made.
Goldstein Investigates: Thieves Caught On Camera Stealing Catalytic Converters From LA City YardVideos taken between January and a few weeks ago show some of the more brazen thieves not even wearing masks, making their faces easily recognizable. So, why haven't any of the thieves been caught?
Goldstein Investigates: Scammers Going Old School In Attempt To Defraud EDDThe state is spending millions of dollars with high-tech companies to try and stop unemployment fraud at the California Employment Development Department, but some scammers might be using a pre-internet method to outsmart the system.
Goldstein Investigates: Dozens Of Fire Safety Violations Reported at LAXA David Goldstein investigation has found dozens of fire safety violation reports for Los Angeles International Airport, some of which inspectors said have been repeatedly ignored.
Goldstein Investigates: Trailers Meant To Shelter Homeless Residents Sitting Unused In Parking LotsThe trailers, gifts from the state to help house the homeless in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, can be found locked up in a yard next to Dodger Stadium and in a lot at the Los Angeles Zoo.
LA City Vehicles Hit With Catalytic Converter TheftsCatalytic converter thefts are now hitting taxpayer’s wallets. Thieves are stealing them off City of Los Angeles vehicles.
Taxi Drivers Question Uber's Deal With City To Provide Rides To COVID-19 Vaccine SitesUber's $500,000 donation of rides to the Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles has come under fire from the city's taxi drivers who claim the rideshare giant is trying to influence city politics.
Veterans Affairs Ends Experiments On Cats In West LAThe Veteran's Administration now says it has ended experiments on cats in West LA — at least for now.
Corona PD Releases Body Camera Video From Response To Fatal 2019 Shooting At CostcoPolice body camera video released Monday shows the moments after an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer shot and killed a man inside of a Corona Costco in 2019.

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