Investigative reporter David Goldstein follows up on a previous investigation to see just how much fake signed Kobe merchandise is flooding the market since his death

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Goldstein Investigates: MTA Bus Drivers Talk Of Strike Over Coronavirus PandemicBus drivers say they are on the front lines dealing with passengers without the proper safety precautions, and now some are considering taking action.
'Shut It Down': MTA Drivers Worried About COVID-19, Say Riders Now 'Mostly Homeless And Sick People'At least 16 MTA employees have tested positive for COVID-19 - and bus drivers say they’re scared.
Carson Officials Call For MTA To Shut Down Bus Depot After Driver Tests Positive For COVID-19City officials are reacting after a David Goldstein investigation discovered a lack of hand sanitizer at bus depots.
Contractor For MTA Short On Hand Sanitizer Days After Driver Tests Positive For CoronavirusThe first driver of an MTA bus has tested positive for COVID-19 - and now other drivers are worried.
LAX Limits Capacity On Employee Shuttles After CBS2 InvestigationNew changes are already in place hours after David Goldstein's report.
LAX Employees Crammed Onto Mandatory Shuttles Despite Social Distancing OrdersDavid Goldstein says changes are already underway after photos were shared with him showing workers standing shoulder to shoulder as efforts continue to slow the spread of COVID-19.
Goldstein Investigates: Counting Ballots Amid Coronavirus PandemicA livestream of the vote counting process at the Los Angeles County Registrar's Office Friday showed employees sitting close, passing ballots between one another without gloves and not following recommendations from the health department. David Goldstein investigates.
Goldstein Investigates: City ParksDespite what Mayor Eric Garcetti said about ensuring city facilities were well-stocked with soap and paper towels to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a number of parks were without. David Goldstein investigates.
Supervisor Janice Hahn Calls For Investigation Following Super Tuesday Voting ProblemsAfter photos, videos and posts to social media about hours-long waits made it around the country, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn demanded an investigation.
David Goldstein Investigates: Fake Kobe Bryant Signatures Flooding Memorabilia Market Since Lakers Star's DeathInvestigative reporter David Goldstein follows up on a previous investigation to see just how much fake signed Kobe merchandise is flooding the market since his death
Openings Delayed For Some LA County Voting Centers Due To E-Voting GlitchesAs voting gets underway in L.A. County, about two dozen voting centers have yet to open due to equipment problems.
Goldstein Investigates: 9 USC Students Die In Single Semester, 3 From Accidental Fentanyl OverdosesThree of those students died by suicide, one student was hit by two cars while walking on the 110 Freeway and three students died from fentanyl overdoses — a 21-year-old male who majored in cinematic arts, a 21-year-old male who belonged to a fraternity and a 27-year-old male grad student who died at an apartment complex.
Goldstein Investigates: Collectors Cash In On Kobe Bryant's Signature Since Lakers Star's DeathSince Kobe Bryant's tragic death in a helicopter crash, collectors have been cashing in on items featuring the Lakers legend's signature and sports memorabilia experts have seen the market for his autograph skyrocket.
Goldstein Investigates: Officials Warn Of 'Vulnerabilities' With E-Voting Machines Ahead Of March 3 PrimaryIt's the future of Los Angeles County's voting machines: a touchscreen-computerized method which every voter in the county will be using for the March 3 primary.
Metro Takes Action After David Goldstein Investigation Of Stolen BikesAfter our investigation showed that out of the 3,000 Metro Bikes in operation, 1,000 of them were stolen, the Metro Board is taking action!
Goldstein Investigates: Metro Board Takes Action After Investigation Into Missing, Stolen BikesMetro Los Angeles is taking action after a David Goldstein investigation showed hundreds of bike share bikes had gone missing or were stolen — at a cost of more than $1.7 million.
Goldstein Investigates: Local Animal Shelter Isn't Telling All About Some Dangerous Dogs Up For AdoptionHow much should you know about a dog you're about to adopt? That's the question after a CBS2 News investigation found a local animal shelter wasn't telling all about some dangerous dogs up for adoption.
#SealTheMeal: David Goldstein's Investigation Into Food Delivery Services Prompts County-Wide ChangeJust weeks after our hidden camera investigation, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors passed a motion that could lead to sealed bags for all food deliveries and restaurants.
David Goldstein Investigation: Hundreds of Taxpayer-Funded Metro Bicycles StolenA new investigation finds nearly a third of bicycles provided through Metro's taxpayer-funded program are either stolen or stripped for parts.
Goldstein Investigation PREVIEW: Metro BikesA new investigation finds nearly a third of bicycles provided through Metro's taxpayer-funded program are either stolen or stripped for parts.
LA County Supervisors Take Action On Delivery Food DriversPlans for a sealed bag could be in the works after David Goldstein's investigation.
Goldstein Investigation: Delivery Drivers Grub On Food Orders Before You Get ThemWith food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, GrubHub and Postmates bursting at the seams, we wanted to know what some delivery people were doing with your food before you took a bite.
David Goldstein Investigation: Over $580,000 In Unclaimed LAUSD Property Sitting UnusedMore than half a million dollars in school district money that could be used for supplies has been sitting unused for years.
Goldstein Investigates: Are Public Schools Safer Than Charters During An Earthquake?An investigation by CBSLA's David Goldstein found that because of a loophole in a state law, not all schools may be as safe as they could be during an earthquake.

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