Cirque Du Soleil An Intricate Dance Of STEAM DisciplinesAndrew Barrus, Cirque Du Soleil's technical director, uses plenty of math, technology and engineering in his job. Amber Lee reports.
Veterinarian Helps SoCal's Many Sick Sea LionsDr. Stephany Lewis works at the California Wildlife Center helping sea lions get healthy enough to go back into the wild. Danielle Gersh reports.
S.T.E.A.M. Stories: Toyota MiraiTechnology: One of the building blocks of S.T.E.A.M. The Toyota Mirai exemplifies the best in technology. It's powered by water, its only emission is water, takes just 5 minutes to refuel and never needs to be plugged in.
Discarded Items Become Sculptural MasterpiecesMonica Wyatt uses items she finds in a junkyard and turns them into sculptures that can sell for $20,000 or more. Amber Lee reports.
Calabasas Clinic Nurses Sick, Injured Wild Animals Back To HealthThe California Wildlife Center takes in all manner of wild animals native to Southern California. Danielle Gersh reports.
What Happens To The Trash When It's Taken Away? The Landfill Supervisor KnowsAmanda Duchesne oversees the company's Bradley Landfill in Sun Valley.
STEAM Series: Inside The La Brea Tar PitsEmily Lindsey, the Assistant Curator and Excavation Site Director of the La Brea Tar Pits, shows how paleontologists bring the past back to life.
'Frozen' Wardrobe Takes Technology, Math To Hit The Stage Every NightJohn Furrow says he hated math as a kid, but uses it every day now as the wardrobe manager for the "Frozen" stage show. Evelyn Taft reports.
STEAM Series: Cleaning Up LA's Water WasteJoline Munoz, an environmental engineer, shows how wastewater gets processed at the Sepulveda Basin.
LA's Waste Water Wasted No MoreEnvironmental scientist Joline Munoz has an important duty -- cleaning up LA's water so it can be used again. Amber Lee reports.
Math And Chemistry Key Ingredients For Good BagelsNick Schrieber, co-owner and master baker of Belle's Bagles in Highland Park, says some precision is needed for the perfect bagle. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Series: Meet A Float MakerCBS2's Evelyn Taft met up with Tim Estes, a float maker, to talk about what his job entails.
STEAM Sundays: Meet An Environmental ScientistKCAL9's Amber Lee met up with Suzanne Goode, an environmental scientist about what her job entails.
STEAM Sundays: Meet A PuppeteerMarionette Creator and Performer, Phillip Huber, appeared on KCAL9 News on Sunday morning with more on performing as a puppeteer. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sunday: Meet A Bagel MakerNick Schreiber's one of a kind mix of yeast, flour, barley, syrup, and water has foodies in a rapture. Crystal Cruz introduces us to Highland Park's most in-demand bagel maker.
STEAM Sunday: Meet A Transport FuturistImagine being able to travel from LA to SF in 32 minutes? That's the goal of Hyperloop TT. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sunday: Meet An AstronomerShe is star-struck and it's paying the bills! Amy Johnson and Amber Lee report.
STEAM Sunday: Meet An Environmental EngineerJoline Munoz, an environmental engineer, helps lead the effort to protect and preserve Los Angeles' scarce water supply. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sunday: Meet A Pair Of Water HarvestersDavid Hertz and Jim Mason recently won a $1 million prize for harvesting water. Amber Lee introduces us to the dynamic duo who created a machine that uses walnut shells to pull water out of the air.
STEAM Sundays: Rose Parade Floral DirectorCBSLA meteorologist Amber Lee introduces us to a Rose Parade floral director.
STEAM Sundays: Meet A Gingerbread HousemakerErica Tucker is a baker who knows how to build the season's most enchanted dwelling: gingerbread homes. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Meet A Glass BlowerUri Davillier has been blowing glass for 18 years. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Metrolink's Engineering TeamThey write and run the programs that control our local railroads. In this week's STEAM Sunday, we talked to Metrolink engineers. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Snow-MakingDaniel Peckham is the assistant manager of snow-making at Mountain High. Danielle Gersh reports.

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