Carpenters Leverage Math, Engineering Heavily In Their TradeCorey Crockerham says he and his fellow carpenters often use the pythagorean theorem, an equation many students joke they'll never use beyond high school. Danielle Gersh reports.
Mask Maker Gets Scientific In Creating Protective, Stylish Face CoveringsJaye Eigler, the founder of Gotta Have Face, is working hard to design masks that are partially see-through, but still anti-bacterial and protective. Evelyn Taft reports.
What it Takes to be Urban Beekeeper in Los AngelesCarmen Atwater, who works for Alveole, uses both science and art in her work as an urban beekeeper in the Los Angeles area.
What's The Dentist Office Like During A Pandemic?Dental offices are taking many precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bee Biologist Can't Stop Buzzing About Her WorkLauren Ponisio puts science, technology and math to work in her study of bees. Danielle Gersh reports.
STEAM: Meet A Teacher Who Puts Math To Pop MusicDistance learning made a little more fun, thanks to Huzefa Kapadia, founder of Scalar Learning
Snake Wrangler Has Never Been Bit While Catching Rattlesnakes In SoCalBo Slyapich gives tips on when to walk outside to avoid snakes, and how to tell the difference between rattlesnakes and gopher snakes. Danielle Gersh reports.
YouTuber Ned Fulmer Uses Chemistry Background To Create Entertaining, Educational VideosNed Fulmer, of The Try Guys, relies on his science, technology, art and math knowledge to create entertaining and educational videos on YouTube. Jasmine Viel reports.
Doctor Who Recovered From COVID-19 Relies On Science, Math To Treat PatientsDr. Oren Friedman, a pulmonary and critical care specialist at Cedar's Sinai Medical Center, says he relies on math and science to treat COVID-19 patients. Danielle Gersh reports.
Geometry Used Heavily In Social Justice MuralsRichard Ingram is a video game developer by day, but his passion is art. Hermela Aregawi reports.
Santa Fe Springs Man Uses Math To Make Slime For Movies, TVMeet a man in the business of making the gooey liquids used in movies and on TV for blood, snot, bubble gum and slime.
Trumpet Opens Door Out Of PovertyTeacher and bandleader Fernando Pullam doesn't blow hot air when it comes to music and education. Danielle Gersh reports.
Army Of Contact Tracers Needed To Keep Coronavirus Infections DownAlina Dorian is working to hire and train thousands of contact tracers so that California can safely reopen. Sandra Mitchell reports.
Supply Chain Manager Critical To Hospital Operations During Coronavirus PandemicFor nurses and doctors to care for patients, hospitals need a supply chain manager like Tamara Murphy. Sandra Mitchell reports.
The Science Behind Surfing With Pro Kevin SchultzScience is one of the building blocks for S.T.E.A.M. For pro surfers like Kevin Schultz, training isn't just about being in the water. We went to Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks to learn about the science behind the sport.
Bat Biologist Says They're Closer To Humans Than CatsBats have a lot of coronaviruses, but they don't get sick from them, according to Dr. Patricia Brown. Sandra Mitchell reports.
'Gangsta Gardener' Leverages Art, Science In Building Massive Edible GardenRon Finley taught himself how to build a garden that's producing fava beans, bananas, artichokes, apricots and sunflowers, among other things. Danielle Gersh reports.
Epidemiologist Had Predicted School, Business Closures Back In FebruaryDr. Juliana Grant depends heavily on science on math in her work as an epidemiologist. DeMarco Morgan reports.
Coronavirus Pandemic Brings Infection Preventionists To Forefront Of MedicineMary Virgallito started out as a nurse, but is now one of the most important people in the fight against COVID-19 at Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale. Suzanne Marques reports.
STEAM: Respiratory Therapists In Demand During Coronavirus OutbreakBrian Dodero used to work in real estate, but went back to school to become a respiratory therapist after the housing crash. Pat Harvey reports.
Emergency Room Doctor Adjusts In Unprecedented OutbreakDr. Mark Morocco relies on science and art in his work as an emergency room doctor. Suzanne Marques reports.
S.T.E.A.M.: Emergency Room DoctorToday, we focus on 'Science'.
Infectious Disease Specialist Investigates Illnesses, Their SourcesDr. Loren Miller uses science, math and art in his work as an infectious disease specialist. Danielle Gersh reports.
Caltech Students Employ Math, Engineering In Work Creating RobotsProfessor of Mechanical Engineering Michael Mello is helping prepare his students for competition. Amber Lee reports.

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