STEAM: Meet The Grammy Museum PresidentMichael Sticka is the president of the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. Of all the STEAM disciplines, he said his job relies most on technology and art.
STEAM: Preserving Grammy Award History In Downtown LAMichael Sticka, the Grammy Museum president, has made a career out of preserving Grammy Award history in downtown Los Angeles.
STEAM: Meet An Aqueduct ManagerJennifer Barrick is a civil engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power managing the overhaul of the segment of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, known as The Cascades. Barrick said her work as an aqueduct manager relies on her knowledge of science, engineering and math.
STEAM: Check Out The 2021 Lineup Of Toyota Hybrid VehiclesToyota is driving toward a brighter future with the technology and innovation of their extensive line of hybrids.
STEAM: Meet a GastronautBob Blumer, who hold world records in egg cracking an onion peeling, makes his living hosting Food Network shows and authoring cookbooks. He said of all the STEAM disciplines, a career in the food world relies most on science and art.
STEAM: Meet An Infrastructure Finance SpecialistMolly Campbell is an infrastructure finance specialist for the U.S. Treasury. It's her job to figure out how to best spend money on large-scale public projects like bridges, warships, transportation and more. She said her job relies most on math.
STEAM: Meet A Technology Transfer SpecialistJaneya Griffin is a technology transfer specialist for NASA, managing and selling the agency's technology. Of all of the STEAM disciplines, Griffin says her job leans most on technology and math.
STEAM: Meet An Electrical EngineerAllen Parker is an electrical engineer at NASA usually based at the Armstrong Flight Research Center located inside Edwards Air Force Base in the Antelope Valley, though he's been working out of his garage in Lancaster lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said his career relies on all of the STEAM disciplines — science, technology, engineering, art and math.
STEAM: Meet A Pediatric Interventional CardiologistDr. Evan Zahn is a pediatric interventional cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center working on the hearts of the hospital's tiniest patients. But when COVID-19 hit and many pediatric surgeries were put on hold, he started using his fine-tuned skills as a member of the COVID Line Team.
STEAM: Meet A Vaccine ResearcherDr. Heidi Contreras is a vaccine researcher at City of Hope in Duarte. She said her job relies most on science and math.
STEAM : EsportsEsports is a full-blown sport with hundreds of colleges now offering competitive programs! For some, gaming is a hobby. For others, it will be their career.
STEAM: Meet A Maritime Traffic Control ManagerCaptain Patrick Baranic is the general manager for the Marine Exchange of Southern California. He says his job relies heavily on science, technology and math.
STEAM: Meet A Transport Respiratory TherapistMonique Steffani is a transport respiratory therapist — dividing her time between ambulances, planes and helicopters to help keep pediatric patients breathing. She said keeping her young patients alive during transport relies heavily on her science background.
STEAM: Meet An Event Production DesignerRyan Patterson is a production designer at Experiential Supply — the company behind the the WonderLAnd drive-thru experience. He said creating the festive display relies on technology, art and math.
STEAM: Meet The Teen Art Prodigy Who Got The Attention Of Kamala HarrisMeet Tyler Gordon, a teen and speed-painter who has gotten attention for his artistic talents from near and far. Chris Holmstrom reports.
STEAM: How A Dynamic Duo Built A She-Shed EmpireFrom writing to building tool sheds customized for women to relax, it's time for this week's STEAM profile. Our focus today: Engineering and art. CBS2’s Amy Johnson introduces us to a dynamic duo who've built a "she-shed" empire.
STEAM: Meet A Saxophone MakerRheuben Allen of Torrance in the repairer-in-chief for musician Kenny G's saxophones. He says he mainly uses art and engineering when designing saxophones.
STEAM: Meet An Exotic Snake BreederJay Brewer owns The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley. He says maintaining the zoo uses science and math.
STEAM: Meet A Bonsai CuratorTed Matson is a bonsai curator at Huntington Library. He says maintaining bonsai trees uses science, technology, art and math.
STEAM: Meet Creator Of Haunt'oween LAJasen Smith, the chief executive of Experiential Supply Co., used technology, art and math to transform a deserted mall parking lot into a one-of-a-kind Halloween experience.
STEAM: Meet An AerodynamicistDavid Bogue comes up with the shapes that help planes go far and fast - but with a small carbon footprint.
STEAM: IMT University Fall ShowdownSponsored by SoCal Toyota
STEAM: Meet A Radiology TechnicianFind out how this Atwater Village man turned his childhood broken ankle into a career, using both math and science!
STEAM: Meet A Riverside Man Who Runs One Of The Country's Largest Plastic Recycling PlantsMechanical Engineer an Operations Manager at CarbonLITE Recycling in Riverside, Michael Teslavich talks about the recycling process from start to finish

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