KCAL9's Amber Lee met up with Suzanne Goode, an environmental scientist about what her job entails.

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STEAM Sundays: Meet An Environmental ScientistKCAL9's Amber Lee met up with Suzanne Goode, an environmental scientist about what her job entails.
STEAM Sundays: Meet A PuppeteerMarionette Creator and Performer, Phillip Huber, appeared on KCAL9 News on Sunday morning with more on performing as a puppeteer. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sunday: Meet A Bagel MakerNick Schreiber's one of a kind mix of yeast, flour, barley, syrup, and water has foodies in a rapture. Crystal Cruz introduces us to Highland Park's most in-demand bagel maker.
STEAM Sunday: Meet A Transport FuturistImagine being able to travel from LA to SF in 32 minutes? That's the goal of Hyperloop TT. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sunday: Meet An AstronomerShe is star-struck and it's paying the bills! Amy Johnson and Amber Lee report.
STEAM Sunday: Meet An Environmental EngineerJoline Munoz, an environmental engineer, helps lead the effort to protect and preserve Los Angeles' scarce water supply. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sunday: Meet A Pair Of Water HarvestersDavid Hertz and Jim Mason recently won a $1 million prize for harvesting water. Amber Lee introduces us to the dynamic duo who created a machine that uses walnut shells to pull water out of the air.
STEAM Sundays: Rose Parade Floral DirectorCBSLA meteorologist Amber Lee introduces us to a Rose Parade floral director.
STEAM Sundays: Meet A Gingerbread HousemakerErica Tucker is a baker who knows how to build the season's most enchanted dwelling: gingerbread homes. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Meet A Glass BlowerUri Davillier has been blowing glass for 18 years. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Metrolink's Engineering TeamThey write and run the programs that control our local railroads. In this week's STEAM Sunday, we talked to Metrolink engineers. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Snow-MakingDaniel Peckham is the assistant manager of snow-making at Mountain High. Danielle Gersh reports.
STEAM Sundays: Manning The MachinesKris Newsom talked to CBS2's Danielle Gersh about his career as a machinist.
STEAM Sundays: King TutErica Olsen is at the The California Science Center to discover how STEAM brought King Tut: Treasures of The Golden Pharaoh to Los Angeles
STEAM Sundays: Hologram USAKCAL9's Amber Lee visited the Hologram USA to find out what it takes to digitally resurrect the dead.
STEAM Sundays: How To Turn Pumpkin-Carving Into ArtFor most of the year, Jim Morey makes his living as a computer engineer. But come October, he moonlights in pumpkin carving. Evelyn Taft reports.
STEAM Sundays: What Does It Take To Become A U.S.A.F. Thunderbird?Maj. Branden Felker is a fighter pilot and a showman. But what does it take to become a U.S. Air Force Thunderbird? Chris Holmstrom reports.
STEAM Sundays: The Path To A Nobel PrizeFrances Arnold, Ph.D. is a Nobel laureate in chemistry. But her path to a Nobel prize has been filled with twists, turns, and set-backs. Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Squirrel GazerHave you ever wondered what makes squirrels so smart at storing food for months? Amber Lee reports.
STEAM Sundays: Scary Prosthetic MasksCreators of spooky masks at Knott's Scary Farm draw on their design and engineering skills.
STEAM Sunday: Paintings ConservatorChristina O'Connell is a paintings conservator who is responsible for restoring art masterpieces. As she explains, conservation is a partnership between science and art.
STEAM Sunday: Snail ScienceInside a lab at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, Dr. Jann Vendetti, PhD spends another day exploring her passion: malacology (or the study of mollusks). Danielle Gersh reports.
STEAM Sunday: LA Dodgers' Performance ScienceThey work at an undisclosed location under Dodger Stadium. In this week's STEAM Sunday, Amber Lee introduces us to two of baseball's best kept secrets!
STEAM Sundays: Meet An Orangutan KeeperHave you ever wondered about a day in the life of a zookeeper? CBSLA meteorologist Amber Lee takes us to the LA Zoo to meet an animal keeper with a specialty in Orangutans.

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