You thought it was a little toasty today? Alex Biston looks at the 7-day forecast and we have more toast on the horizon.

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Danielle Gersh's Weather Forecast (Aug. 20)70s along the coast, 80s for downtown Los Angeles and 90s for the valleys. The heat will turn up Wednesday before a slight cooling trend just in time for the weekend.
Markina Brown's Weather Forecast (Aug. 19)Markina Brown takes a look at today's weather forecast.
Danielle Gersh's Weather Forecast (Aug. 19)Temperatures below average Monday with a high of 73 for the beaches and 93 for the valleys.
Alex Biston's Weather Forecast (Aug. 18)Judging by temperatures this coming week, summer is far from over. Alex Biston reports.
Markina Brown's Weather Forecast (Aug. 18)Temperatures will remain slightly below average but a warm-up with triple-digit heat is on the way. Markina Brown reports.
Garth Kemp's Weather Forecast (Aug. 16)Slightly cooler today but, of course, that is relative. Garth Kemp takes a look at the coming days in his 7-day forecast.
Jennifer Kim's Weather Forecast (Aug. 16)Temperatures drop slightly heading into the weekend with a high of 96 for the valleys and 101 for the High Desert.
Alex Biston's Weather Forecast (Aug. 15)Alex Biston looks at the next seven days. The triple-digit temperatures are not gone just yet.
Danielle Gersh's Weather Forecast (Aug. 15)Another day of triple-digit temperatures Thursday from the valleys to the Inland Empire before a cooling trend gets underway Friday.
Garth Kemp's Weather Forecast (Aug. 14)We had triple-digit temperatures all over the Southland Wednesday. It's definitely hot out there. Garth Kemp reports.
Danielle Gersh's Weather Forecast (Aug. 14)The heat will turn way up Wednesday afternoon with highs hitting 103 for the valleys.
Garth Kemp's Weather Forecast (Aug. 13)Garth Kemp takes a look at the weather forecast for the next seven days.
Danielle Gersh's Weather Forecast (Aug. 13)A midweek heat wave kicks into gear Tuesday with elevated fire danger. A high of 75 for the beaches and 99 for the valleys.
Evelyn Taft's Weather Forecast (Aug. 12)Evelyn Taft takes a look at tonight's weather forecast.
Danielle Gersh's Weather Forecast (Aug. 12)Hot temperatures Monday with high pressure building over the area. A high of 74 for the beaches and 94 for the Inland Empire.
Amber Lee's Weather Forecast (Aug. 11)Amber Lee takes a look at the next seven days -- more like today OR is the blazing heat coming back?
Markina Brown's Weather Forecast (Aug. 8)We're rain-free with clear skies and warm temperatures. Markina Brown reports.
Amber Lee's Weather Forecast (Aug. 10)There was something of a cool down Saturday. How long will it be less than triple-digits? Amber Lee reports.
Alex Biston's Weather Forecast (Aug. 10)Alex Biston takes a look at today's weather forecast.
Garth Kemp's Weather Forecast (Aug. 9)Garth Kemp takes a look at the weather forecast for the next seven days.

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