George Gascón will be the next district attorney of Los Angeles County after incumbent Jackie Lacey conceded the race Friday morning, losing in her effort to obtain a third term in the position.

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Jackie Lacey Concedes 'Contentious' LA DA's Race To George GascónGeorge Gascón will be the next district attorney of Los Angeles County after incumbent Jackie Lacey conceded the race Friday morning, losing in her effort to obtain a third term in the position.
Gig Workers With Uber, Lyft To Be Considered Independent Contractors After Voters Appear To Approve Proposition 22Following a multi-million dollar ad blitz by app-based companies, California voters approved Proposition 22 on Tuesday night, according to the latest voter count. Tina Patel reports.
Orange County DA Looking Into Reports Of Michelle Steel Supporters Allegedly Discarding Ballots In WestminsterThe Orange County Registrar's Office is investigating potential election interference after a video surfaced on social media showing what appeared to be a group of people with a box of discarded ballots on Election Day. Michele Gile reports.
Jackie Lacey, George Gascón Hold Debate In Heated LA County DA’s RaceIncumbent Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey took part in a virtual debate Thursday night against George Gascón, the man attempting to unseat her, amid one the most closely watched Southern California races this November to decide will lead the nation’s largest local prosecutor’s office.
Election 2020: Proposition 25If approved, Proposition 25 would overturn a 2018 California law and return the cash bail system across the state.
Election 2020: Proposition 22If passed, Proposition 22 would define app-based drivers as independent contractors with their own labor and wage policies. Also included are minimum earnings, healthcare subsidies and vehicle insurance.
Election 2020: Proposition 24If passed, Proposition 24 would increase data privacy even more, create an agency to enforce it and increase penalties against companies who violate people's privacy.
Election 2020: Proposition 25A referendum to overturn a 2018 law that replaced the money bail system with a system based on public safety risk
Election 2020: Proposition 24Amends consumer privacy laws
Election 2020: Proposition 23If passed, Proposition 23 would require dialysis clinics to hire more doctors or nurse practitioners and give the state more power to regulate the clinics.
Election 2020: Proposition 19If passed, Proposition 19 would allow home sellers over 55 to have the same property tax protection in every county in California.
Election 2020: Proposition 20Proposition 20 seeks to toughen sentencing and parole laws and make it harder for some offenders to get early parole.
Election 2020: Proposition 16A debate over affirmative action that appeared to have been quieted at the ballot box years ago continues to simmer and will get another chance to be decided in November.
Election 2020: California’s 45th Congressional DistrictThere’s a big race brewing in Orange County for the 45th District seat between freshman Democratic Rep. Katie Porter and her Republican challenger, Mission Viejo City Councilman Greg Raths.
Election 2020: Proposition 17California voters in November will be voting on Proposition 17, which aims to restore voting rights to those who have completed their sentences but are still on parole.
Election 2020: California’s 25th Congressional DistrictRep. Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, and Assemblywoman Christy Smith, D-Santa Clarita, are facing off once again — this time for a two-year term representing California's 25th congressional district.
Election 2020: Proposition 14Scientists hope stem cell research will someday provide breakthrough treatments for some of the most serious diseases. And this November, California voters will decide if they wish to spend billions to help fund the work.
Election 2020: Opinions Remain On Pros, Cons Of California Prop. 15A key issue on this year's ballot is Proposition 15 which would adjust the original 1978 California Proposition 13, and allow commercial properties to get taxed at their fair market value rather than the value at the time when they were purchased. Jasmine Viel reports.
Race Heating Up For California’s 48th District SeatThe gap is closing between Democrat incumbent Harley Rouda and Republican challenger Michelle Steel in the CA-48 race. Stacey Butler reports.
Election 2020: DA Jackie Lacey Continues To Face Criticism As She Runs For Third TermActivists are campaigning against a third term for DA Jackie Lacey. Lesley Marin reports.
Local Rideshare Company For Kids Struggles Under AB5 Requirements, Supports Proposition 22Joanna McFarland said her and her co-founders started HopSkipDrive five years ago because, as a working mom, she knew what it was like to juggle school, appointments, practices and more. 
Post-Debate Coverage Of The Democratic Debate At Loyola Marymount In LASeven Democratic presidential candidates took part in a debate Thursday night at Loyola Marymount.
DOJ Threatens To Cut Off Funding For Sanctuary Cities, StatesU.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday the federal government will cut off funding for any cities or states welcoming illegal immigrants.
Schwarzenegger Responds To Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice' SwipeThe former California governor suggested the two swap jobs. Sandra Mitchell reports.

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