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July 1, 2012. For all the foie gras lovers and fans out there, you know what this date means. July 1, 2012 is when California foie gras ban comes into full effect and will no longer be allowed. The law outlaws the sale and production of foie gras due to its force-feeding (gavage) process. Foie gras, French for Fatty Liver, is duck liver that has been specially fattened so that the consistency is rich, luxurious and buttery. Many restaurants and chefs have been hosting several Foie Gras Dinners in order for everyone to get their fill before it become illegal.

Here are six of the most interesting preparations of foie gras served in Los Angeles. Before your time runs out, these are the must-have dishes to eat and enjoy. Savor that buttery goodness while you still can, legally that is.

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Known for making bacon and pork parts popular in Los Angeles, Animal has a foie gras dish on the menu that is extremely popular. Animal’s Foie Gras Loco Moco will definitely drive you insane with cravings. Their rendition of the classic Hawaiian dish has hamburger, spam, quail egg, foie gras, and rice. This dish is a restaurant favorite and is a definite must-have before the ban.

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Beer Belly is a hidden gem in Koreatown, Los Angeles with a menu that is constantly changing and a great selection of local beers on tap. This gastropub wanted to pay homage to the upcoming ban and protesters hence their “The Protester” dish only available during Sunday brunches: Eggs Benedict with Foie Gras Hollandaise and Duck Confit. With only three more Sunday brunches left before July 1, 2012, you have a short window to try this foie gras breakfast delight.

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Michael Voltaggio’s restaurant, ink, also serves a foie gras dish. It is served as a pate with a waffle cone that is wafer thin on both sides, topped with maple syrup and a popular Asian hot sauce called sriracha. It is a magical blend of tastes and textures that all combine into a very memorable experience. Make sure to savor each and every bite.

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Josiah Citrin, owner and chef of Michelin starred restaurant, Melisse, is a huge advocate for foie gras. Melisse was the center of attention a few weeks ago with anti-foie gras protesters outside of the restaurant during a Fight for Foie Gras dinner. One of the dishes that is still available at the restaurant before the ban comes into full effect is the Hot and Cold Foie Gras with some of the summer’s freshest ingredients: Blood Orange, Rhubarb and Kumquat. This dish is simple and allows you to enjoy a generous serving of foie gras seared and as a terrine.

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We cannot have a foie gras list without some dessert. Love cheesecake? Love foie gras? Why not combine both. This cheesecake is paired with hibiscus gelée rounds and vanilla crumble, giving it a nice salty and sweet taste. This dessert was extremely popular at Haven’s first location in Old Towne Orange, and continues to be a very popular dessert at their Pasadena location.

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Ending this list on a sweet note, last but not least is the FG&J Donut found at UMAMIcatessen in Downtown Los Angeles. It is foie gras mousse and forest berry jelly, fried to order and topped with crushed peanut powder. There is so much rich filling, it oozes out of the donut.

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