The OC Music Awards celebrated its tenth anniversary and final awards ceremony in style at The Grove of Anaheim on Saturday, March 5th. Over the last eight weeks, thirty-six talented Orange County bands have not only competed for the coveted award of Best Live Band and Best Live Acoustic, but they have proven that there is a culturally and artistically rich scene in Orange County. You just have to know where to find it.  Eight bands tell us where you can find them eating, drinking, shopping, and getting into general mischief while they aren’t practicing or performing.

(credit: The New Limb)

The New Limb

Lauren Salamone

“Memphis Cafe. The food and environment are great for both a hip night out or a comfortable low-key dinner. If you catch Dave Mau working (the man with the cowboy hat), it’s an extra treat. Ask for his drink/food recommendations–you won’t be bummed. I also recommend the hush puppies paired with Dixie beer for starters. It’s my go to.”

Memphis Soul Cafe & Bar
2920 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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(credit: Angela Joy Dietz)

The Gromble

Spencer Askin

“I originally wanted to say Tilt, the last arcade in South OC, but since that closed down I’d have to go with the Indoor Swapmeet of Stanton. No where else in Orange County can you play arcade games, get your hair and nails done, buy a butt bra, cowboy gear, flashing neon pictures of Jesus, and get your portrait superimposed over a shot of a Los Angeles freeway. Not to mention, it is the stomping ground of a local clown sensation, Payasito Popitin, who can make you any balloon animal you want as long as it’s Micky Mouse. The Indoor Swapmeet has it all and that’s why the Gromblers love it!”

Indoor Swapmeet of Stanton
10401 Beach Blvd.
Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 527-1234
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(credit: Laurie Wallace)


Casey Sullivan

“TK Burger, Newport Pier. Best grinds, Best vibes. I used to go surfing with my dad every day after school and that is where we went every night after getting out of the water. Great memories there and got to meet a lot of amazing surfers with my dad there as a grom.”

TK Burgers
2119 W Balboa Blvd
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 673-3438
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(credit: A. Smaller)


Jesse Saint John

“Flashbacks in Orange. That’s where I go to get my 90s rockabilly looks. There was a jumpsuit there that I had seen for the last 5 visits. Black with swarovski and leopard panels. The 5th visit I saw it there and I took it as a sign that it was meant for me. I took it up to the front and the lady told me that i could have it for like $5 ‘cuz she’d seen me eye it the last few times.”

465 N Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 771-4912

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(credit: Foxxhound)


Daniel Morones

“Karaoke at Detroit Bar. Detroit Bar is well known for its karaoke night on Sunday night. The shadiest of the shady come out and stumble through songs all night long.”

Detroit Bar
843 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 642-0600
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(credit: Johnathan Gibby)

Micah Brown

“Blue Laguna is a little dive located below the Holiday Inn lobby in Laguna Beach. I used to have a residency there last Spring, and it was the starting point for many random adventures. Most nights that I started out at Blue, I never knew where I would end up in the morning. That is the charm of Laguna Beach, you never know who you will meet, and whether it’s a bunch of tipsy tourists or the loyal following of locals, it is always a good story by the next morning.”

Blue Laguna
696 South Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 376-2583
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(credit: Echo Echo)

Echo Echo

Steve Carson

“There’s really only one place as a band that we have loved together and have not wavered from in over 7 years.  We love the Del!  There are three Del Taco’s within one mile of our studio and the majority of rehearsals start with a few cocktails and a meal from our favorite fast food drive-thru. There are plenty of cool bars we visit in Orange County and a number of venues where we like to perform, but there is only one place that is our shinning star in the night.  We not only go before rehearsal, but also on our way to a gig and of course after a long and late night of drinks, good friends and music to fill our bellies with love.”

Del Taco
1440 E Lincoln Ave.
Orange, CA 92865
(714) 974-4043
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(credit: Full Moon Photography)

California Condors

Reza Asgari

“In downtown Santa Ana’s artist district, third street has a closed off section similar to the promenade in Santa Monica but on a smaller scale between Sycamore and Broadway. In the section, there are cafe’s, restaurants and art shows. Dave Coleman hosts his bimonthly complimentary “Dinner With Dave” at Memphis every other Wednesday and the Gypsy Den hosts open mics every Monday and Thursday night. Within two weeks of meeting Aaron Alcala, the host of the Monday night open mic, I was invited to his backyard wedding with blankets on grass instead of tables and the groom doubling as MC. It’s a warm place that you don’t completely feel safe in.”

Gypsy Den
125 N Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 835-8840
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