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On February 5, most people will be gathered with friends, huddled around a television, and watching any combination of Super Bowl 46 and the commercials while munching on a snack that may or may not turn their fingertips a nuclear shade of orange. However, you are not one of those people. You have absolutely zero desire to sit down and watch a single snap from scrimmage. In fact, your disdain for the gridiron is so strong, you would rather ignore the fact that at least half of the crowd at a typical Super Bowl party is there for socialization and possibly orange-hued snack foods, preferring to spend the afternoon hiding from TVs altogether.

We’ll be honest: We don’t understand this. However, we will nonetheless lend a sympathetic ear to your wanton apathy toward the Super Bowl while providing you the following entertainment alternatives.

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Let’s say you want to use the Super Bowl as an excuse to engage in some special family bonding with your daughter, granddaughter, or niece. What better place to get away from a massively-hyped sports event than to go to a place that tries its darndest to hide the world from its guests as much as possible? Better yet, why not treat the day as an excuse to get your little partner in crime in a princess gown and have her visit this area of the Happiest Place on Earth, where she can be surrounded by the company of some of her favorite Disney heroines? This is an experience that the little ones in your life will remember long after your significant other forgets who actually played in the game, which will probably be somewhere around March.

February 5, 8:00 AM – 11:00 PMCOST:
Adults $80; Children 3-9 $74; Children under 3 Free

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Who said you couldn’t watch the Raiders or Buccaneers do their thing on Super Bowl Sunday? (Yes, that joke may have been lost on you, since you’re looking for an alternative for the Big Game, but just go with it). This interactive show allows guests to climb aboard one of a half-dozen floating pirate ships to not only get their eat and drink on, but to actively participate in a swashbuckling romp filled with humor, action, and pyrotechnic goodness. Plus, you got pirates. What’s cooler than pirates?

February 5, 3:30 PM & 6:30 PM

Adults $57.95; Children 3-11 $38.95; Children under 3 free

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Do the musical acts performing during the Super Bowl pre-game shows and at halftime leave you cold? Then warm up to this fascinating exhibit focused on one of the world’s most distinctive and cherished classical artists. Several of Bocelli’s personal musical and performance artifacts are on display within the sprawling showcase, highlighting his career and his influences. As an added bonus, we seriously doubt that if you visit here, you will not hear the lyrics of the National Anthem get botched.

February 5, 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Adults $12.95; Students and Seniors $11.95; Youth (6-17) and Military $10.95; Children 5 and under free

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Leave the cheap light beer to those following the shenanigans on the gridiron and come to this downtown L.A. educational powwow dedicated to the awesome delights of wine. Hosted by the aptly-named organization Learn About Wine, guests will get the chance to absorb all the basics about the popular libation, from how it’s made to how it should be stored.

February 5, 3:00 PM – 5:15 PMCOST:

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Fashionistas that are looking to avoid the sight of a bunch of people decked out in football jerseys or sports-themed T-shirts will want to flock to this special event; a venerable celebration of all things classic, vintage, and retro. We’re not just talking about the pair of bell bottoms your mother rocked back in the ‘70s; the scope of the outfits that are available to view and purchase range from 1850 to 1980. If you wanted to snap up clothing to make you feel as glamorous and sleek as some of the folks on, say, “Boardwalk Empire,” here’s your chance.WHEN:
February 4: Early Buy 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM, Regular Admission 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM; February 5, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

February 4: Early Buy $20, 4 Regular Admission $10; February 5: Regular Admission $10, Free for students and February 4 ticket purchase

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Upod Academy: PodCad IV – Giant Steps

Marina del Rey
More Info

Let’s say you’re a writer. Okay, you’ve gotten a couple of things published. You want to be more prolific, but you spend way too much time staring at blank Word documents or wondering how to create a pitch for that article or story you know people would be interested in reading. If this is the case, this exquisite three-day session – which wraps up while the Big Game is going on – is for you. Hosted by Upod (“Under Promise, Over Deliver”), a freelance writers’ online support community, Upod Academy brings together fifteen top writers from all corners of the country to give you all the tips, tricks, and techniques that you need in order to overcome the doubt, fear, and time-wasting habits that can plague emerging Hemingways. Let’s see a quarterback do that!

February 3 – 5, 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM


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