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Photo Credit: Now Boarding

Photo Credit: Now Boarding

Now Boarding
7746 Santa Monica Boulevard,
West Hollywood,Ca 90046
(323) 848-8447

So, not sure if you all have realized this yet, but February is basically the party month of winter. I mean seriously! You kick off the month with some great football (get it, kick off…), then, in the middle of the month you get to celebrate Hallmark’s favorite holiday: Singles Awareness Day… or Valentine’s Day as some like to call it. And quickly there after you get almost an entire week filled with sweet celebrations: President’s Day, followed by Mardi Gras, then Ash Wednesday and who can forget the Chinese New Year.

In order to help you celebrate this month o’ parties, we’ve discovered LA’s newest hot spot and boy has it taken off. Angelino’s meet your brand new themed lounge, Now Boarding.

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Head back to a time when flying was all about comfort and class in booths resembling first-class seats surrounded by walls filled with old school stewardess photos. If the decor isn’t enough to set you at ease, the Motown, 50’s rock and live jazz are sure to have you buckle in for the night.

For those with a fear of flying— if remembering that YOU AREN’T ACTUALLY IN THE AIR doesn’t calm your nerves— grab the passport themed menu and let one of Wil Figueroa’s (previously of The Roger Room) delicious cocktails do the trick.

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With a unique beverage like the Wheels Up (Birddog peach whisky, Aperol, lemon and tangerine) or party-sized beverages served in handmade wooden suitcases you’ll be flying higher than you would with an oxygen mask.

Just keep in mind, if you end up needing an emergency exit the nearest one may be behind you.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Los Angeles.