You have heard Sibila talk about “Coconuts” and Josh talk about “Wrigley” during the morning newscast. Like most pet owners they “claim” to have the cutest pet, but this week you will be the judge! Who do you think has the cutest pet? Check out the pictures and tell us who you think should take home the “My Pet Rocks” award!

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Coconuts Vargas

Nickname(s): Coco, Soda, Dodadoo

Personality Traits: Selfless, flirtatious, playful

Status: Single, but loving it!

Occupation: Security guard, after-shower ankle licker (cuts drying time in half)

Turn-ons: Belly rubs, cuddling, feel of a cool breeze riding in the car, humanity

Turn-off: Cats, skunks, squirrels, remote controls!

Hobbies: Escape artist (known as the Houdini of the K9 world), napping, gift-giving (leaves bones and small pieces of food under pillows)

Favorite Treat: Popcorn

Human: Sibila Vargas

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Wrigley Rubenstein

Nickname(s): Mr. Wrigles, Wrigs, Big Boy

Personality Traits: Hyper, loud, loyal, fun loving, very playful

Status: It’s complicated

Occupation: Watch dog, ball retriever, vacuum cleaner

Turn-ons: Ear massages, cake, a long run at the park, tall blondes

Turn-offs: Lettuce, crying babies, cats, squirrels

Hobbies: Ball fetching, ball fetching, ball fetching, eating, ball fetching

Favorite Treat: Tortilla chips

Human: Josh Rubenstein

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