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Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to family entertainment options in So. Cal., along comes Endless Food & Fun in Huntington Beach. This recently opened venue is putting a new spin on food and play.

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Endless Food and Fun

7227 Edinger Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
(714) 377-7671

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My kids and I had the opportunity to visit Endless Food and Fun in Huntington Beach recently. The 50,000 square foot venue opened its doors in early December and is a unique offering for the area. Entry requires that you purchase a buffet meal for each person in your party with prices varying from weekdays to weekends. We went on a weekday and about half of the buffet serving area was open. There was still an ample selection of food: salad bar, pizza, pasta, main dishes, vegetables, carving station and several kinds of potatoes. There are sodas and juices, all self-serve. We were fairly disappointed by the dessert offerings which were some types of pudding, but everyone liked the small chocolate chip cookies. I did have the opportunity to meet the chef who told me that everything is fresh and prepared on site.

You have the choice of dining in the regular seating next to the buffet or in one of the several “Theme Rooms” located off of the main dining area. We sat in the regular seating as it was easier to get back to the food and drink area. We checked out the other rooms which include Sports and Surf City themes. Once we finished up the “food” portion, we headed over to the “fun”. You are not allowed to bring food or drinks outside of the dining areas. You can also go back to the buffet later, thus, the “endless” really does have meaning here! The rest of the complex is pretty much an arcade with video games. There are some smaller private rooms located in this area that are available for private parties. Since I have toddlers, it was disappointing that there wasn’t much they could participate in. My 4 year old was able to do some of the shooting games, but he as well as my 2 year old are too small to sit in the driving video games—and be able to reach the pedals. There were a couple of bright spots, skee ball, a fun childhood arcade game of mine is here and we spent quite a bit of time playing. My 4 year old had a blast, but my 2 year old still isn’t quite there on the bowling motor skills needed to whip the ball up the ramp. We earned quite a few tickets playing skee ball that we turned in for prizes in the Redemption Store.

(credit: Caryn Bailey)

The big highlight for all three of us was playing Lazer Tag. The staff running the Lazer Tag area was keeping a list of people interested in playing and when we showed up, there were just enough to play. Originally, I was just going to go in with my 4 year old to supervise, but I ended up joining in and suiting up! What a blast! The Lazer Tag arena is really big and extremely well designed. I kept my 2 year old with me and we all ran around as a team. There were other parents in there as well with their little kids and we were all cracking up. It was really funny to be leading my toddlers down an alley, sliding along the wall and then shooting and ducking for cover. The game is very well run with at least two referees in the arena, there is no running and the rules are enforced. I was bummed when the session was over. (Our team won by the way.)

On the day we visited, the upscale restaurant, Delicioso, was a couple of days away from opening. The unique aspect of this restaurant is that adults can dine here while their kids play in the gaming area. Delicioso has been specially soundproofed to allow for a quiet, fine dining experience. I stepped in to the restaurant during my tour and was impressed with the high end feel and comfortable seating. There is also a full bar.

In summary, I would recommend Endless Food & Fun for about ages 7-14 as far as visiting as a family and getting a full experience for everyone. With the exception of the Lazer Tag, and we were lucky there were other young kids playing at the same time, there weren’t any activities available for my preschoolers. Every employee I met was super friendly and just awesome. It really is a family friendly location and a nice option to have in Huntington Beach.

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