(credit: Cafe Bleu)

(credit: Cafe Bleu)

Whether it’s soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, football or even boxing, having proper “sports food” is essential to any game-day ritual. But not everyone has the time to prepare a great feast before each game. Fortunately there are many establishments in Los Angeles that have all the game-day indulgences sports fans require already on their menus. So, whether you’re on your way to the actual game or just want something to eat before you kick back and watch the event in the comfort of your own home, check out these top five spots for sports grub.

(credit: Yelp user James B.)

(credit: Yelp user James B.)

OB Bear

3002 W. 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 480-4910
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Buffalo, BBQ, sweet and sour or just batter-fried, watching sports just wouldn’t be the same without some tasty chicken. And OB Bear has them good, messy and cheap. Piles of wings and bottles of beer await you for your game-day feast at this K-town pub. The house specialty is the gochujang, crispy wings with a fermented red pepper paste. Twelve wings will set you back $14.90 but they’re totally worth it. There are plenty of other things on the menu too, like pig’s feet and fried chicken gizzards if you’re game.

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San Francisco Saloon

11501 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 478-0152

Whether you follow the Raiders, Warriors, Oakland A’s, Giants or 49ers, nothing will get your blood pumping like heading to San Francisco and joining the rest of the fans before a game. Fortunately, you don’t have to make the actual six-hour trek to San Francisco, you just have to brave the 10 Freeway. San Francisco Saloon, conveniently located here in LA, has your pregame burgers, quesadillas, wings, drink specials and other game-day favorites to give you the energy needed to root your team on from beginning to end. Parking is free but can get tricky.

Jameson’s Irish Pub

6681 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 798-5360

For some reason, nothing gets a sports fan in the mood for a game like a good old fashioned Irish pub. Maybe it’s the fish ‘n chips or the waitresses in short green skirts or the endless supply of whiskey. Whatever it may be, Jameson’s Irish Pub on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk Of Fame has all those things and much more. Jameson’s boasts of 28 extra-large HD LED TVs that broadcast not only every big game but live Pay-Per-View boxing matches, UFC fights and many other sporting events without a cover.

Bludso's 300

Bludso’s Bar & Que

609 N. La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-2583

Sometimes the competition between rival teams is so fierce, it’s almost carnal and nothing other than a big plate of meat will satisfy your appetite. Bludso’s Bar & Que has a menu that will gratify even the most spirited carnivore. Brisket, pulled pork and rib tips are served by the quarter, the half and the full pound and pork ribs and chicken served by the half and the whole. There’s also a feast called “The Tray” that serves five to six people that not only has all the meat but all the side orders like mac & cheese, collard greens and cornbread, just to name a few.

(credit: Cafe Bleu)

(credit: Cafe Bleu)

Café Bleu

3470 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 383-0180

A bit upscale for the K-town area and for a sports bar in general, Café Blue is more of a civilized pre-game warm-up. Lounge seating and HD and big screen TVs offer more of a sophisticated experience for sports fans. Burgers, steaks, pasta, kimchi as well as skewers, tacos and its infamous garlic fries are just some of the menu items that you can enjoy there or order for pick-up. The happy hour specials are worth checking out whether you’re on your way to the game or not.

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