(credit: sprinkles.com)

Ice cream these days isn’t just plain ice cream. There are hundreds of new flavors and variations out there. Check out this new list of LA’s best new ice cream treats. Get them while they’re cold!

(credit: sprinklesicecream.com)

You probably know Sprinkles from their famous cupcakes. Maybe you have waited in the long line for their popular 24-hour cupcake vending machine. The Queen of Cupcakes in LA is now venturing into ice cream; but stays true to their cupcake roots. You can enjoy ice cream in a bright red velvet cone with cupcake chunks all over.

(credit: tastyclouds.com)

This is not your average root beer float. Where’s the root beer you ask? It’s at the top! Yes there is ice cream at the bottom, but it is topped with root beer cotton candy! Tasty Clouds cotton candy is known for making gourmet cotton candy in unique flavors such as strawberry jalapeno, Philippine mango, peppermint, elderflower (inspired by St. Germain liqueur) and many more.

(credit: Samantha King)

Alcohol and ice cream all mixed into one is what the Drunken Udder is known for. What started off as a fun hobby has become a booming business for the founders. Some of their flavors are Raspberry Lemon Drop Sorbet, Mango Jalapeno Sorbet with Tequila, Saffron Candied Ginger made with Southern Comfort, and so many more. They have seasonal flavors too according to what fresh fruits are available. Drunken Udder does not have a storefront but a few restaurants are carrying them, including Boneyard Bistro and two others around town. They take special orders as well.

(credit: Rachel Hollis)

Coolhaus was one of the very first ice cream sandwich trucks to roam SoCal. Since then they have also set up shop in Culver City. Here you can find their famous ice cream sandwiches. For those old enough to drink, definitely try one of their spiked ice cream sandwiches such as the Scorpion Mezcal Banana Honey, Chocolate Cointreau or Whiskey & Lucky Charm.

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