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The Hollywood Bowl is easily one of the best venues that Los Angeles has to offer. The amphitheater is one of the largest in the country, seating close to 18,000 people and it offers a unique getaway from the hustle and bustle of the LA life. The 2012 season starts June 22 with a gala performance by The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra under the stars followed by their iconic fireworks spectacular.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Bowl is also considered a great spot for a unique picnic experience. While the Bowl offers a picnic service through the Patina Group, local renowned eateries have jumped in and created picnic baskets of their own to make your evening at the Bowl truly something to remember. Picnicking will never be the same again after you dine at the Bowl with one of these options.

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Street, well known for showcasing street food from around the globe, has created their own unique twist to picnics. Rather than your typical picnic fare, Susan Feniger created world flavor bento boxes. These boxes offer 5 light salad/appetizers and an entrée of choice, with selections such as Ethiopian Beef Stew or Russian Spinach Dumplings, even the most eclectic of palettes will see picnics in a whole new way.

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The Bistro at Coldwater has been a Studio City staple for over 20 years. Just a short drive from the Bowl, and for many Valley folk just a pit stop off the 101, the Bistro highlights a California Continental cuisine that is a perfect blend for summer concerts at the Bowl. Their picnic menu offers light fares such as Chilled Gazpacho with Roasted Croutons, Seared Ahi Tuna over Mixed Greens, and Jumbo Grilled Shrimp Cocktail and desserts varying from assorted berries, cakes and cheeses. The light yet filling food will have you not just enjoying the show, by dancing the night away in your little piece of LA heaven.

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Perhaps better known for their bakery on Beverly Blvd., Doughboys also has a Café that serves a full sit down service at their 3rd Street location. At that location, they prepare Picnic boxes meant for an evening under the stars at the Bowl. Their fresh-baked bread is clearly a big draw and included in their basket is one baguette, four spreads and more to keep your stomach full through the evening, watching your favorite performer and not spilling anything all over your clothes except that beer from the stands.

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This Los Angeles staple turns their motto of delicious food, beautiful décor and sophisticated service into a compact picnic basket with ease. Their picnic menu is only available in the summer months, and they are made for outings such as the beach or a night at the Bowl. You can choose from their wide selection of prepared food, specialty cheeses, charcuterie, pastries, and sweets, and even throw in a bottle of wine for that romantic night listening to the Philharmonic play while cuddling with your loved one.

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If you are a supporter of locally grown food and farmers’ markets in Los Angeles, Clementine’s is the obvious choice to provide your Bowl picnic. They “shop at local farmers’ markets for the freshest seasonal ingredients and prepare everything from scratch and by hand” and infuse that into all aspects of their products. They offer two menus, an Early Summer Menu and a Late Summer Menu- both offer the same entrees but the sides change along with the season.

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Petrossian is best known for their gourmet food and gift baskets, more specifically for their caviar selections. The West Hollywood location is one of three stores across the country, and the only one that offers picnic baskets for the Hollywood Bowl. Although there is no menu online yet, what you will find packed inside their signature isothermal tote bag for $250 are: Classic Transmontanus caviar; 10 blinis; Small crème fraîche; 2 oz slice of Petrossian Foie Gras preserved in Armagnac; A quarter-pound of hand-sliced smoked salmon; House-made pickles; Petrossian raspberry jam; Caper berries; A baguette; 6 assorted French chocolates selected from the boutique; 6 assorted cookies from the boutique and kitchen; and, 375mL of Louis Roederer Brut Premier champagne. Who knew picnicking could be so chic?

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Pick up your pre-ordered picnic box right there at the bowl or have it delivered to your box seat if you’re going big. Choose from five gourmet picnic baskets and three Jyubako boxes. Each is designed for two and includes eco-friendly disposable plates, napkins and flatware. A selection of wine by the bottle is also available to complete any picnic basket.

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