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Over the last decade, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and DJs have become the fastest growing musical genre and the most profitable. No longer pigeonholed in the rave scene, the genre has rapidly expanded into the mainstream and proliferates the high-end club scene populated by the perpetually chic here in Los Angeles.


As a recent L.A. transplant, this DJ has quickly made a name for himself throughout the city and around the world. From New England, JSTJR has created a love for sounds from around the world with a mix of hip hop sounds and experimental electronic music.
Peanut Butter Wolf

It’s not every day that you hear of a DJ named Peanut Butter Wolf, but he is no joke when it comes to the music scene. Active since the late 80’s, Peanut Butter Wolf, or Chris Manak, has put out multiple studio albums, as well as compilations, mixtapes, EP’s and singles.


Bonobo is easily one of the most popular DJ’s right now. Originally from Brighton, England, this L.A. resident has been at it since 1999 and continues to release albums, including his latest, “Migration.”

Amanda Jones

It’s rare to find native L.A. artists, but Amanda Jones is Los Angeles born and bred. For more than 20 years, she has been spinning her tunes at venues across the city, including Das Bunker, Bar Sinister, and at Evil Club Empire parties. The DJ game tends to be male driven, but that has not stopped Jones from dominating it and being taken seriously. Jones reels the crowd in with her energy and great taste for electronic beats.