(Photo Credit: Sprinkles Cupcakes)

While the rest of the country prepares for fall by unpacking heavier clothing and stowing away lawn furniture, Los Angelenos simply order dessert. Light and fruity enjoyments are replaced by rich and sinful delights that will stick to your ribs. Delicate toppings are exchanged for thick creamy sauces and warm flavors that will ease you into that anesthetizing fuzzy place. Check out these five L.A. places for the best autumn desserts in town.

(Photo Credit: Stout)

Known better for its extensive burger and beer selection, Stout in Hollywood will astound you with its signature bread pudding. Listed innocuously as “gourmet bread pudding,” this pile of homemade pudding bread smothered with vanilla bean, chocolate and butterscotch chips, rich whipped cream and brown sugar will make not just your meal but your whole day. The fact that it comes al a mode could very well make your entire week.

(Photo Credit: Sprinkles Cupcakes)

When it comes to cupcakes, no place does it better than Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. With a list of flavors as long as its celebrity clients, everyone is a fan. From peanut butter chip to chocolate marshmallow to red velvet, these addictive treats are perfect for fall. However, it’s the ginger lemon cupcake that encapsulates the season’s best. Spiced ginger cake with cream cheese lemon frosting is a must have whenever you’re in the neighborhood … as long as it’s Wednesday. Fortunately for your waistline, this flavor is only made once a week.

(Photo Credit: Republic of Pie)

One of the newer establishments to the NoHo revolution of gastropubs and eateries is the Republic of Pie. While pie may not be an official food group, you would think it is here. From classics like apple and cherry to the more obscure rhubarb and key lime and everything in between, the long list wouldn’t be complete without traditional pumpkin pie. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and pumpkin baked fresh daily to the perfect density and topped with whipped cream will give any grandma a run for her money.

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Although the recipe consists of rice, milk and sugar, rice pudding is one of those relatively simple desserts that can be either absolutely divine or a complete disaster. The skill to making not just an edible but delicious rice pudding is all in the preparation. Fortunately for anyone who is a fan of this unique dessert, Anarkali Indian Restaurant has the technique down. It’s not too thin, not too thick and the perfect amount of sticky and sweet for any time of year. The average portion is $1.95 with the option to go larger. Warning: One taste and you’ll definitely go larger.

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Aside from burning more calories than they contain and the whole vitamin A-beta carotene thing, carrots also make one seriously yummy dessert. For the skeptics who think veggies are only for dinner, La Mousse Desserts’ famous two-layer cake made with fresh carrots, pineapple, raisins and pecans, covered in cream-cheese frosting, diced almonds and white-chocolate leaves will have you thinking otherwise. With carrot cake this amazing you might not wait to have it for dessert.

Kristine G. Bottone is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.