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Some will be creepy, some shocking, some fantasy and some a reflection on pop culture. Halloween in America is the best holiday for dressing up and playing make-believe, whether you are a kid or an adult. Known for her costume tutorials on her website and youtube channel KANDEELAND, Kandee Johnson always loves a good makeover. In past years, she transformed herself into Tyler Oakley and Ariana Grande, both of whom would be fun to dress up as for Halloween.

Kandee Johnson
Youtube vlogger

This Southern California vlogger is internationally known for her creative makeovers and transformations. Kandee Johnson reaches millions of people through her Youtube.com channel and her website/blog. A single mom to four ranging from 4 to 18 years old, Kandee has hundreds of beauty and style tips and tricks inspired by her days working as a celebrity make-up artist and Hollywood wardrobe stylist. For Halloween 2015, Kandee predicts the line-up of costumes to include Donald Trump, characters from Orange is the New Black and any Kardashian/Jenner family member. And, since no one is “letting it go,” Kandee says don’t be surprised if you see Ana or Ela from Frozen. But, the costume looks she is most excited about doing are Princess Leia, Ariel, Harley Quinn and Minnie Mouse and a possible Chewbacca. Check out her website and Youtube channel for how-tos and inspiration.

Princess Leia

As the Star Wars saga continues when Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, the latest film of the series opening in movie theaters this December, Kandee says Princess Leia (and her buns) hold a special place in our hearts. She suggests parting hair in the center and creating two low ponytails on each side of the head. If you hair is long enough, twist them into buns and secure with any kind of clip. Shop your own closet for a white turtleneck and any long flowy white dress or robe. May the treats be with you this Halloween.

Harley Quinn

The DC Comics animated character Harley Quinn is known as superhero Batman’s adversary. Evil-natured and sexy, this costume is an easy one to pull together, suggests Kandee. Creating the traditional Harley Quinn takes a steady hand with a black eyeliner pencil. On top of a pale face draw triangular pointed frames around the eyes. Use both a bright red and a black lipstick to paint top and bottom lips or shade half of the lips red and the other half black. Create two high ponytails on each side of the head. Harley Quinn costumes and wigs are available at your local costume store.

Costumes On A Budget

Kandee’s budget-friendly costumes are easy and can be tweaked to fit a kid or adult.

  • Emoji – Use brown eyeliner to draw an emoji face on a yellow sweat suit.
  • Pirate – Get a black eyepatch or draw one with black eyeliner. Use black eyeliner to create a curly mustache. Tie a handkerchief on your head and clip on a gold earring. You can also reference Kandee’s Captain Jack Sparrow costume tutorial for more tips.

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Last Minute Costumes

Last minute costume party invites can be paralyzing for some. Kandee has the perfect costume ideas that won’t keep you home on the couch.

  • Candy rapper – Find a giant pastel colored hoodie. Hot glue little candies on. Wear big sunglasses, a gold chain and a pair of fake gold teeth.
  • Lumberjack—Pull out that 90s grunge red flannel, suspenders, jeans, boots and a beanie. Using brown eyeliner, draw on a beard and mustache. Don’t forget the toy axe.  
  • Rosie the Riveter – the iconic red lip, black winged liner, hair tied up with a red bandana and a denim shirt is the look that is quite easy to pull together last-minute.
Essentials For Dressing Up

Shopping for Halloween costumes can sometimes be daunting. Halloween specialty stores are crowded and overwhelming when you don’t know what you need or what to buy. Kandee always suggests planning your list ahead of time so you don’t over-spend. The pop-up costume stores are always full of great costume ideas and fun products such as spirit gum, which you use to to glue wigs onto skin, or even things like leaves. Tooth color black-out paint, and fun eyelashes enhance the overall look of the character and costume. Check out Cinema Secrets, Naimie’s and Frendz Beauty, all of which are beauty supply shops offering makeup and special effects products. For contact lenses and the ultimate in props and wigs, try Hollywood Toys and Costume in the heart of Hollywood, Gasoline Alley and House of Humor.

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