(credit: Kathy Kay/shutterstock)

(credit: Kathy Kay/shutterstock)

Boas, chameleons and bearded dragons are some of the wide variety of reptiles that some people seek for pets. Reptiles make unique pets as a new addition to a household.Just like taking care of a cat or a dog, it is important for pet owners to learn what is needed to properly care for reptiles before they are purchased. Whether choosing a pet lizard, iguana or a pet snake, reptiles are fairly self-sufficient and require simple daily care. Choosing proper foods and a balanced environment are important for them to grow and live in a healthy state of well being. Here are five key tips for choosing and caring for a reptile for first time owners.
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Chuck Dundov is the owner of L.A.’s own Reptile Finders. Chuck is a reptile expert with a sincere passion to share his knowledge about the care of reptiles with both customers and people in general. As a teenager, Chuck had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur opening his very own reptile pet shop. From that vision and the assistance of his mother Boska Dundov, he opened the doors to Reptile Finders specializing in the sale of reptiles. He continues to live his passion each day. “For me, it’s about seeing the smiling faces of customers and supporting people who have an interest in these wonderful animals, ” says Chuck.

Before Purchasing A Reptile, Make Sure That The Source Of The Animal Is Reliable

Reptiles are wild caught, farm bred or captive born and bred. When purchasing a reptile, the animal needs to be specified one or the other. Wild caught reptiles come with parasites. If you are purchasing a reptile from a store, make sure that the business has been around for awhile and has some expertise and experience in purchasing reptiles for sale to the public.

When Purchasing Lizards And Tortoises, These Animals Need UVB Light

In addition to purchasing a pet Lizard and tortoise, pet owners need to buy a UVB light to set up for the animal.This is not to be mistaken for a heat lamp. Customers should buy a UVB lights to set up in their home or outdoors. These lights simulate the sun and supports the proper development and well being reptiles as family pets. This is especially the case if they are kept indoors.

Make Sure The Reptile Has Its Eyes Open And Looks Healthy

When purchased, a reptile should not appear skinny.  It is important to take a good look at the reptile especially its eyes. Make sure that the reptile’s eyes are open and the animal is alert. This is a sign of a healthy future pet.

Ask The Store Owner About The Right Nutritional Foods That You Need To Feed Your Reptile

Bearded dragons and tortoises eat special diets. Do not give them spinach, cabbage or iceberg lettuce. These foods block the absorption of calcium and cancel the beneficial effects of the UVB light that provides them with the vitamin D3 that they need. Collard greens, mustard greens,romaine lettuce  and Red lettuce are  good foods for bearded dragons and tortoises. Crickets are good for bearded dragons as well to consume.

Reptiles Get Water From Lettuce

People drink bottled or filtered water to stay hydrated. Reptiles have it a little easier, They essentially get most of their water from eating lettuce which includes romaine lettuce and red leaf lettuce.

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