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To paraphrase the “Project Runway” slogan, “With fashion trends, one day they’re in and the next day they’re out.” Although winter is still officially upon us, it’s time to think about this ever-changing concept with regard to spring garb. So what are the trends that will be embraced this year that weren’t necessarily being worn last year? To be sure, it takes an expert to discern this very meaningful sartorial conundrum. Someone who has made style-watching a profession. Someone who can tell you how to make the most of your wardrobe, a seemingly tough task at times. No worries. Meet Maria Von Losch.
Maria Von Losch
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Maria Von Losch is a Los Angeles-based wardrobe stylist, style expert, fashion blogger and on-air style correspondent. She’s been recognized for her savvy style tips and approach on how to Shop Your Closet. Whether working with professional executives, personal clients, celebrities, brands, advertising and productions companies, she’s often sought out for her keen eye for detail, taking high fashion looks and making them relatable, creating an image to fit your brand or lifestyle and clever accessorizing.

Von Losch says, “It’s always eye candy to see how women translate runway trends to the streets while adding their own personal style each season. I expect to see a lot of denim, but not just jeans — skirts and dresses, romantic dresses with touches of lace and delicate ruffles, bold stripes, suede everything and boho style with a 70s twist. Trend reports are an easy way to decode the runway and make it wearable; just be sure to take note of colors, fabrics, prints and shapes while incorporating a trend into your wardrobe for each season.” 

Following are five trends this expert offers as part of the spring line-up.

Denim Redo

This style expert reports that “denim has always been a staple as far as jeans and a denim jacket goes, but now we’re seeing lighter weight denim used in ready-to-wear for women. On the runways, designers featured a feminine flair with denim from dresses, skirts, strapless tops, paper bag waist-lines, ruffling and more. This is a great alternative to linen, cotton and knit fabrics one would typically wear in spring.”

To The Moon

Von Losch recalls last year’s trend where the bucket and saddle bag purses were all the rage. She asserts, “This season you’ll want to upgrade to the sister shape of the saddle bag, the half-moon. It’s hard to place an exact time when this shape came into play for purses, but going through fashion archives, it appears that Coco Chanel came out with one of the first variations of the half-moon arm swag. For outfit pairing versatility, try one in caramel, blush, canary yellow or orange.”

Shoe Slide

“Mules, slides…let’s call the whole thing on!” says Von Losch, who believes that this type of backless shoe is “back with a vengeance.” The difference for the 2016 model?  “Now you have the option to go with a heel or flat, open toe or closed toe. Silver is also a spring trend, so why not bang out two trends in one with a silver slide? And metallic shoes goes with virtually everything. There’s really no rule here, just get a pair that’s comfy and have fun.”

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Shoulder Season

“Baring your shoulders was slightly in last year, but very in this spring,” says Von Losch. “I suspect this trend to carry into the summer months as well. We live in SoCal, where the weather is usually great year-round, so why not show off some shoulder? It’s fun, flirty, feminine and a great alternative to wearing something strapless or sleeveless. You’ll need to invest in a great strapless bra to wear this trend; opt for a nude bra closest to your skin tone under your armpit and side of your stomach region.”

Giving The Slip

“I called this trend last year with the resurgence of 90s fashion making a presence on the runway and in stores,” Von Losch recalls. “Slip dresses haven’t changed much aesthetically,” she explains, because they are basically lingerie. “In the past, designers used printed fabrics to make the slip appear more like a dress than lingerie, but this spring, designers are creating delicate and feminine slip dresses in traditional fabrics like silk and lace. If you aren’t daring enough to wear a slip dress as is, try wearing it with an oversized, lightweight knitted turtleneck, a fitted crew neck or turtleneck cotton shirt underneath with cool sneakers, ankle boots or a chunky heeled mule.”

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