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Whether you’re having five of your child’s best friends, or thirty of their classmates, if you plan on having your child’s birthday party at home, you’ll need entertainment – that is unless you know how to juggle or don’t mind singing songs about baby whales for two hours straight. There are many services out there, all claiming to throw parties that will be exciting, easy and memorable. But it’s hard to know which ones will deliver on that promise, and not leave you with a yard-full of silly string you’ll be picking out of your bougainvillea for a month. To save you time, research, and major disappointment, we’ve rounded-up some amazing kid’s party services and gotten some trusted recommendations to help you throw an unforgettable bash your guests will enjoy, your child will enjoy – and most importantly, YOU will enjoy!

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Reptile Party
Reptile Family

The Reptile Family will come to your house and for an hour and a half your child and their guests will interact with some of the coolest (and cleanest) lizards, snakes and creepy crawlies around. They are knowledgeable, entertaining and in addition to their fabulous “reptile wrangling” skills, their “kid-wrangling” skills are great too – a very important trait for an in-home party provider.

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High Tea Party
Anyone For Tea

Who doesn’t love a tea party? It’s part of our genetic make-up. Tiny sandwiches, lovely china, sweets galore…what’s not to love? Jane Windsor, owner and proprietor of Anyone for Tea? understands this and throws exquisite tea parties for children! Imagine an Alice in Wonderland tea party (which includes a reading of a chapter from the book) or just turning your own child’s vision for a tea party into a reality. The best part? The people at Anyone for Tea? understand that tea parties don’t have to be ALL about sweets, and they infuse some healthy (and still very yummy) options into the menu. Additional entertainment ideas (beading projects, fairy-tale dress up, hair and make-up) are available. Food, set-up, and china are all included, as is the magical ability to make it “POOF!” all disappear when the party is over.

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Race Car Party
Play Party

For kids who require a bit more excitement than a tea party, there is Play Party where the company will come to your house and turn your entire living room into a miniature Indy 500 speedway! Tracks on the floor, tracks on tables, downhill tracks outside. It’s a young racing car enthusiast’s dream! They provide all of the tracks, the cars, and the party representative even shows up dressed like he works a pit-stop. They set up all the tracks and at the end of the party, they take it all away. This is a fantastic and easy party and boys, girls, and kids of all ages will be riveted!

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Lego Party
Play Party

The people at Play Party seem to have their finger on the pulse of little kids. They come to your house with thousands of Lego pieces, facilitate the building of really cool stuff, and then pack up all of the little Lego pieces. Can you say that about your child’s last playdate?

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Mad Science Party

Got a young Einstein? Maybe just a really curious kid who likes to get her hands dirty? Try a Mad Science Party. With a cool science demonstration, you can choose one of a wide variety of “science” activities (make your own bouncy ball, slime, dry ice or Mad Science putty) for the kids to make and take home with them. These parties are fun, entertaining, and brain-building!

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Magic Anyone?
Justin Credible

Justin Credible, who has the logline “Like a Magician but Cooler” is exactly that and more. This guy is quite possibly the best party entertainer in LA. He’s fun, he’s engaging and he’s seriously the coolest magician you’ve ever seen. We don’t want to give anything away, but you’ll be amazed and mesmerized by the magic!

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A Pirate/Parrot Party
Parrot Jack the Pirate Entertainer

When you think of a Pirate party, you think of some guy in costume with a fake bird falling off his shoulder showing up to your kids party and saying “Arrggh, Matey” a lot. You’re thinking, “I’ll pass.” But that’s because you haven’t experienced a Pirate/Parrot party. Parrot Jack the Pirate Entertainer shows up at your child’s party with real parrots the kids can touch and hold. He leads them on an engaging treasure hunt, teaches them swordplay. Now that’s some serious high-seas fun!

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Traditional Back Yard Party
Planet Bouncey

Maybe you’re just looking for something a bit more “traditional.” Just some fun activities to keep the kids busy and entertained. Planet Bouncy has affordable and clean bounce houses that will keep your children happy all day long as they bounce around with friends.

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Body Art
We Adorn You

Want to add a little something extra? Add face painting, or airbrush tattoos to your backyard fun. We Adorn You does beautiful face painting and airbrushed tattoos! Plus, they work fast which means the kids aren’t stuck waiting in a long line.

Sarah Maizes is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of MommyLiteOnline.com