Regulators: California Fell Far Short Of Water-Saving TargetBrown has argued that the voluntary targets in place since early 2014 were insufficient and that Californians needed a jolt to take conservation seriously.
Gov. Brown Proposes $10,000 Fine For Worst Water WastersGov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday called for $10,000 fines for residents and businesses that waste the most water as California cities try to meet mandatory conservation targets during the drought.
California Drought Water-Reduction Mandates Set For RevisionState water regulators are set to release on Tuesday an updated plan for conservation during the drought after their previous water-use reduction targets have come under fire from some local water departments.
Agency To Update Drought Plan Mandating Water Cuts In CitiesCalifornia water regulators are postponing release of a new plan to get cities to reduce water use by as much as a third.
Water Board Report: Small OC Town Using More Water Per Day Than Beverly HillsAs the state, ever drought-weary, continues to crack down on water-abusing communities, a neighborhood in Orange County has been exposed as having used more water per person and per home than any other community in either Los Angeles or Orange counties.
Repeat Offenders Of Arcadia's New Water Restrictions May Face Hefty FinesArcadia has introduced new water restrictions amid California's ongoing drought and plans to have those restrictions take effect mid-May.
Resident In Sustainable Eco-Village In L.A. Lives On 10 Gallons Of Water A DayWith new state-mandated water restrictions, every Californian has to be water-wise and a small community in Southern California is leading the way by going to extremes to conserve water.
State Water Restrictions, Fines Go Into Effect New water regulations went into effect Friday, implementing fines up to $500 a day for residents who waste water on lawns, landscaping and car washing