Calif. Panel OKs Bill That Would Require Unvaccinated Kids To Be HomeschooledA bill proposed by a Redondo Beach lawmaker that would limit the number of schoolchildren who are exempt from being vaccinated advanced Tuesday in a Sacramento committee vote.
Health Officials: Disneyland-Linked Measles Outbreak Now OverHealth officials Friday said a measles outbreak believed to have started in Southern California and went on to spark a national debate over vaccines and public health is now over.
Vaccination Bill Stalls In SacramentoThe now-stalled measure would have prevented parents from seeking vaccine exemptions for their children because of religious or personal beliefs.
Amid Measles Outbreak, Few Rules Exist Concerning Teacher VaccinationsWhile much of the attention in the ongoing measles outbreak has focused on student vaccination requirements and exemptions, less attention has been paid to another group in the nation's classrooms: Teachers and staff members, who, by and large, are not required to be vaccinated.
Calif. Senators To Introduce Bill Proposing Changes To Measles VaccinationsA local state senator plans to introduce a bill Wednesday that will propose changes to California's vaccination requirements in the wake of the measles outbreak.
Calif. Measles Outbreak Revives Debate Over VaccinesA measles outbreak centered in California has sparked a national debate over parents who choose not to vaccinate their children.
Doctor Suspects Measles-Inflicted Disney Employees Never Had Full VaccinationA number of Disney employees have contracted the measles virus, even though some of them say they had previously received vaccination.
Q&A: Measles Pops Up In Outbreak Linked To Disneyland ParksMeasles cases have been popping up around California in an outbreak linked to visits to Disney theme parks in Orange County during the winter holiday.
Parents Stand Firm Against Vaccination Amid Measles OutbreakParents who have opted against vaccinating their children are standing firm with their decision amid California’s worst measles outbreak in 15 years.
Measles Outbreak: To Vaccinate Or Not VaccinateWith the potential to affect thousands, the recent outbreak of measles in the U.S. has placed a spotlight on a debate that’s raged for years.
Report: Number Of Calif. Parents Opting Not To Vaccinate Kids Doubles A growing number of parents who opt not to vaccinate their children due to personal beliefs is raising concerns among public health officials as the school year gets underway.