South LA Man Dies In Custody After Police Use Taser, Bean Bag Rounds To Detain HimAccording to the department, there was a use of force to detain the man, who was taken to the hospital and died.
Suspect Dies After Confrontation With Anaheim PoliceA man died after spending more than a week in a coma following his arrest by Anaheim police. Monday his family questioned the use of force by officers. Michele Gile reports.
Police Seen Breaking Man's Leg, Slamming Head Into Pavement In Newly Released Arrest VideoSix videos released Friday by the City of Pasadena show two police officers attempting to subdue Christopher Ballew at a gas station on Nov. 9 before it turned violent.
ACLU Report: Anaheim PD Uses Excessive ForceA new ACLU report claims that Anaheim has a higher officer-involved death rate than L.A., San Francisco, New York, Atlanta and Boston. The Anaheim Police Department is disputing the findings, saying there are inaccuracies.
LASD Issues Statement About Use Of Force Allegation During Union Station ArrestThe arrest of the 76-year-old woman was described in a number if media outlets as rough and excessive.
LAPD Approves De-Escalation Techniques Designed To Curb ShootingsThe changes come amid a heightened focus on police shootings, both in Los Angeles and across the country.
Glendale Police Trying To Get Community To Understand Why They Sometimes Use ForceGlendale police say use-of-force reports make up less than one percent of all of the department's police reports.
LA Police Commission Votes To Revisit Use-Of-Force Policies, Emphasize De-EscalationThe Los Angeles Police Commission voted Tuesday to move forward with the creation of use-of-force policies that emphasize de-escalation and the use of minimal force in encounters with the public.
Internal Report: Officers Violated Use-Of-Force Policy In Kelly Thomas ArrestTwo Fullerton police officers who were acquitted of criminal wrongdoing in the 2011 death of a mentally ill homeless man violated their department's use-of-force policy, according to an internal report.
Former LAPD Officer Who Killed Shares Lessons On Deadly ForceA young cop entered an area known as the "kill zone," as officers call it, to become a researcher seeking to understand the dynamics of confrontation. In doing so, he hopes to be a voice of reason in an emotional national debate, and an advocate for change.
LAPD Officers Say Commission's Ezell Ford Ruling Hasn't Influenced Their Policing"[Officers] will be out in the streets and they will be doing their jobs," LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery.