United To Offer Bumped Passengers Up To $10KUnited isn't saying whether ticket sales have dropped since the video flap.
Pro Golfer Tweets That United Airlines Broke His Golf ClubsIt just keeps getting worse for United Airlines.
Delta To Offer Passengers Nearly $10,000 To Give Up Flight SeatsDelta is giving airport employees permission to offer passengers up to almost $10,000 in compensation to give up their seats on overbooked flights.
Lawyer: United Airlines Passenger Lost 2 Teeth, Broke His NoseThe passenger's daughter says her family was "horrified, shocked and sickened" by what happened.
United Airlines To Compensate All Passengers On Flight 3411 Over Passenger Removal DebacleA spokeswoman says passengers can take the compensation in cash, travel credits or miles.
Another Passenger Complains Of Mistreatment By United AirlinesGeoff Fearns says he was kicked off his seat even though he had a first-class ticket from Hawaii to LAX.
United Airlines CEO Issues New Apology As Details Of Passenger's Past EmergeDavid Munoz says his company would review policies for handling oversold situations and for partnering with airport authorities and local law enforcement.
Caught On Video: United Passenger Forcibly Removed From Overbooked FlightPolice dragged a passenger from an overbooked United plane after he refused to give up his seat.
United Airlines To Customers: 'Your Leggings Are Welcome'United Airlines doubled down Monday on their policy against leggings – at least for its pass travelers - but customers wearing leggings are still welcome.
OC Supervisors Demand Equality On Flights Through John Wayne Airport After Report Of SexismThe move came after a woman was moved from her seat on a flight at the request of two monks who said their religion forbids them from sitting next to women.
United Airlines Plane Returns To LAX After Reporting 'Engine Issue'A Boeing 757 returned to LAX on Sunday afternoon after experiencing an "engine issue," according to L..A. City Fire Department radio dispatches.
Can Shaming Help Tame Unsanitary Airline Passengers?Janet Masters had just wrapped up her trip to Hawaii to celebrate her wedding anniversary. She said she had a great time until she boarded a United Airlines flight on her way home. She found a barf bag full of barf that spilled on her clothes.
LAX-Bound Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Grand Junction, Colo.A United Airlines flight headed for LAX from Denver made an emergency landing in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Local Expert: United, NYSE, Wall Street Journal Outages Raise Red FlagTechnical problems that affected United Airlines, the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street Journal website Wednesday were quickly deemed not malicious, but a former federal computer crime prosecutor said the system crashes may not be a coincidence.
FAA: United Airlines Flights No Longer Grounded; Automation Problem FixedFederal Aviation Administration officials Wednesday announced all United Airlines flights have been grounded due to an automation problem.