LAX To Halt Rideshare Pickups At All Terminals In Late OctoberLAX will no longer allow ridesharing drivers or taxi cabs to pick up passengers directly from its terminals.
Orange County Residents React After Newsom Signs 'Gig Worker' Bill Into LawCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 5 into law Wednesday — but not everyone was happy about it.
Uber Rolls Out New 'RideCheck' Safety Feature That Detects Possible Safety HazardsRideCheck automatically connects riders and drivers with help in the event of an accident.
Uber And Lyft Push Back Against Bill That Would Reclassify ‘Gig’ WorkersRide-sharing companies on Friday were continuing to push California legislators to come up with a new classification for workers that falls somewhere between “company employee” and “independent contractor.”
El Monte Explores Ordinance Guaranteeing $30 Minimum Wage For Rideshare DriversIf the ordinance becomes law, it would be the first of its kind in the United States.
Woman Carjacks Uber, Leads Police On Wild Pursuit Through LAThe pursuit ended in downtown L.A. when the woman crashed into a vehicle before coming to a stop in a fast-food restaurant drive-thru.
Calif. Assembly Approves New Standards Requiring Freelance Workers To Be Classified As EmployeesUnder the proposed law, Uber and Lyft would be required to treat its drivers like employees, ensuring them minimum wage and workers compensation.
A Silent Ride: Uber Now Offers Quiet Driver ModeThe “Quiet Mode” in-app feature lets your driver know you’re not in the mood to converse.
Uber, Lyft Rideshare Drivers Strike For Job Security, $28 Hourly PayRideshare drivers are on a 24-hour strike in L.A. and in other cities across the country.
As Lyft Goes Public, Rideshare Giant Pledges To Invest Millions In LAAccording to Lyft, its new City Works program will provide free or discounted rides to low-income residents, invest in clean energy and develop a better transportation infrastructure for L.A.
LA Uber, Lyft Drivers Holding Strike, Call For Higher PayThey are protesting a recent 25 percent cut to their wages by Uber.