House Approves War Powers Resolution To Restrict Trump On IranThe House of Representatives delivered a sharp rebuke to President Trump over his use of U.S. military power in the Middle East, approving a resolution to restrict his authority to strike Iran without congressional approval.
In 6-Page Letter To Pelosi, Trump Vents About ImpeachmentPresident Trump listed no new arguments or requests but vented his frustrations with the impeachment process in a six-page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday.
House Democrats Expected To Unveil 2 Articles Of Impeachment TuesdayHouse Democrats are moving forward with two articles of impeachment against President Trump: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, multiple Democrats familiar with the proceedings tell CBS News.
Legal Experts Debate Whether Trump Committed Impeachable OffensesThe Judiciary Committee heard testimony from four constitutional law experts on the historical grounds for impeachment.
Trump Signs Bill Making Animal Cruelty A Federal FelonyPresident Trump signed a bipartisan bill into law Monday, making animal cruelty a federal crime.
Volker Says He Didn't Realize Ukraine Investigations Targeted BidenKurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, said he was unaware that efforts to pressure Ukraine to open investigations were meant to target former Vice President Joe Biden.
House Releases Testimony From Official Who Overheard Trump CallThe House released the transcript Monday from the closed-door testimony of David Holmes, a State Department official who overheard a recently revealed call that has become key to the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.
Nancy Pelosi Accuses President Trump Of Committing BriberyA day after the first open hearings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that the president has committed bribery.
Alexander Vindman And Fiona Hill Testimony Transcripts ReleasedHouse Democrats released transcripts of the testimony of NSC official Alexander Vindman and Fiona Hill, the president's former national security adviser on Russia and European affairs.
'The Ceasefire Is Far From A Victory': Top Republican Senators Slam Trump's Syria StrategyAfter Vice President Mike Pence brokered a five-day ceasefire with Turkey on Thursday, President Trump hailed the agreement as a milestone in the region.
White House Says It Won't Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry"You have designed and implemented your inquiry in a manner that violates fundamental fairness," the White House counsel wrote.