San Bernardino Co. Sheriff’s Department Receives 2 K9 Video, GPS VestsUniversal Surveillance Systems LLC donated two state-of-the-art customized tracking canine vests to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Rancho Cucamonga Station.
How To Follow Lydia, The 1 Ton Great White Shark, Online Meet Lydia. She's tons of fun (okay, one ton) and is looking for you to follow her.
Privacy Fears Linger Over LAPD's Alleged Use Of Cellphone Tracking DevicePrivacy advocates are questioning whether the Los Angeles Police Department's alleged use of a controversial cellphone tracking technology is legal.
Anti-Theft Software For Smart Devices Tested In Hidden-Camera InvestigationHave you ever had a computer or phone get stolen and you want nothing more than to track down who took it? We did just that with the help of tracking software.
App To Offer Law Enforcement Real-Time Tracking Of Online Hate SpeechThe fight against online hate speech will now be available on your smartphone.
Safety Net Or 'Invasion Of Privacy'? AAA Debuts Tracking System For Teen DriversDepending on your age bracket, a new device that allows parents to follow their teens' every move behind the wheel is either evil or genius.
Deputies Debut GPS Tagging System To Map Crime Scenes, EvidenceCriminals who try to toss evidence from their vehicle while running from the law will no longer be able to do so with GeoTag.
Is Your Android Watching You? Software Tracks Private Data On 150 Million PhonesFederal regulators want to know why millions of Americans may be using cell phones loaded with software that tracks every single key stroke they make.
Making A List, Checking It Twice: Temecula Mall Tracking Christmas Shoppers' HabitsIf you're headed for the malls for some Christmas shopping on Black Friday, you may want to consider turning off your cell phone.
GPS Tracking App Used To Hunt Down iPhone Stolen In Wilshire RobberyWhen it comes to protecting your smart phone, police say it's all about three little letters: G-P-S.
ACLU Says Law Enforcement Officials May Be Tracking Your Cell PhoneThe ACLU is sending 379 requests nationwide to local law enforcement agencies demanding to know if, when, and how they are using cell phone data to track civilian activity.