Disturbing, Dramatic New Details Emerge About San Bernardino Terror AttackThe report focused on what happened the day Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik walked into the Inland Regional Center and started shooting.
North Hollywood Residents Honor Dead In Orlando With Interfaith VigilThe flickering candles were able to bring light to so much darkness.
Orlando Begins Grim Task Of Releasing Victims' IdentitiesThe city of Orlando has started the grim process of releasing the victims' names from the attack that left at least 50 dead.
First Responders Awarded For Heroism During San Bernardino Terror AttackA special ceremony -- with lots of dignitaries -- was a chance for the state and San Bernardino to give thanks for their bravery.
Amid Brussels Attack, James Hahn Shares Plan He Pitched For LAX When He Was MayorAfter the attacks of 9/11, then-Mayor James Hahn came up with a plan that he said would make LAX safer. Now, following the attacks in Brussels, some think it deserves another look.
San Bernardino Terror Attack Survivor Recounts Her Horror For The First TimeJulie Paez says she was shot twice in her pelvis and spent weeks in excruciating pain.
Dodgers Gather In Support Of San Bernardino Massacre Families, First RespondersThe team treated them to lunch Wednesday as part of the "Dodgers Love L.A. Tour."
Family Of Woman Killed In San Bernardino Terror Attack Seeking $204 Million In DamagesFamily members of a woman killed in the San Bernardino attack are seeking $204 million in damages in three claims against the county.
No Bail For Alleged Terror Co-Conspirator Enrique MarquezA federal Judge denied bail for the Riverside man accused of buying rifles and explosive materials used in the San Bernardino terror attack.
Former Boss Describes Enrique Marquez As Shy, UnsuspectingThe bar owner described Marquez as a shy, quiet, nice, dorky and unsuspecting guy.
Almost Half Americans Polled Say Another Terror Attack Likely To Happen SoonForty-four percent of Americans think another terror attack in the next few months is very likely, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll.