Trump's Additional Unemployment Benefit: What We Know Right NowPresident Trump's Lost Wages Assistance program is intended to increase weekly unemployment benefits, but implementation has been slow.
IRS Launches 'Get My Payment' Tool To Help Americans Track Stimulus MoneyThe IRS has launched a website that gives you the ability to track the status of your economic stimulus payment from the federal government during the coronavirus pandemic.
Opinion: Paul Ryan And His Little White LiesWhile Paul Ryan is entitled to his own opinions, he is not entitled to his own facts. He lied to America about Medicare. He lied to America about the debt commission. He really lied to America about the stimulus and America's debt rating.
Opinion: Mitt Romney's Bailout Double StandardRomney negotiated a $10 million federal bailout for his company, but has called for foreclosures to be allowed to "hit bottom" and letting Detroit go bankrupt.
$80M In Stimulus Cash Left To Rehab Homes, Jump-Start LA SalesThe city was awarded $143 million through the Neighborhood Stabilization Program to spend to fix up and sell properties in the city's worst real estate markets.
Stimulus Money To Fund Experimental Eye Cancer TreatmentThanks to Uncle Sam, researchers will test the effectiveness of a tiny device attached to the eye's exterior that can deliver chemotherapy.
Audit: $118 Million LA Stimulus Yields Few JobsThe city of Los Angeles received a nice chunk of change from Washington to boost jobs, but a new audit finds they have little to show for it.