Census: Older Asian, Latino Populations Growing In CaliforniaThe number of older Asians and Hispanics in California is rising more than three times faster than that of older whites, creating a need for more health and social services for these populations, according to census data and interviews.
Gov. Jerry Brown To Push His Tax Plan In Irvine ThursdayGov. Jerry Brown is scheduled to be in Irvine Thursday morning, where he will push for support of his controversial new budget proposal.
LAUSD Will Consider 2 Plans That Could Increase State FundingThe Los Angeles Unified School District is considering two proposals that could boost education funding from the state.
California's Mid-Year Cuts Loom For Schools, ServicesCalifornians will find out Tuesday how much the state will automatically cut from public schools, higher education and a range of state services.
State Official Tours Cities Hit Hardest By Last Week's Wind StormA state official Friday will tour some of the areas that were hit hardest by last week’s wind storm.
Jobs, Housing Costs Forcing Millions To Flee California; Most In 100 YearsFor the first time in nearly a century, the majority of people living in California were born here.
Analyst: Calif. Budget Gap Could Shorten School Year By One WeekA projected shortfall in state revenues could lead to deep cuts to services statewide and potentially even a shorter school year, an analyst said Wednesday.
Gov. Brown Unveils New Pension Plan For State WorkersGov. Jerry Brown unveiled a new pension plan for state workers Thursday, which will raise the retirement age to 67 for new hires.
State To Offer Half-Off Discount On Most Traffic CitationsIn an effort to collect unpaid tickets, the state will offer a half-off discount on most traffic citations.
Brown: Amend Calif. Constitution To Secure Funding For County JailsCalifornia's governor wants to amend the state constitution to guarantee funding for county jails ahead of the transfer of thousands of state prison inmates.
Audits: Montebello Blew $31M On 'Frivolous' Promo Items, Golfing, Vegas Two audits from the state controller's office alleges the city with annual budget of an estimated $50 million spent as much as $30 million on "frivolous" expenditures.
Thousands Of Moms Expected To Be Released From Calif. Prisons As many as half of the 9,000 released inmates will be women with two years or less remaining on their sentence who are parents and non-violent offenders.
Lawmakers Take Aim At Exec Pay Raises Amid UC, CSU Tuition Hikes As tuition continues to skyrocket for college students across California, lawmakers in Sacramento want to make sure administrators aren't pocketing the extra revenue.
Calif. Will No Longer Issue License Plates With Wyland WhaleThe state will soon stop issuing license plates that feature artist Wyland's whale design. Instead, they will be replaced by new ones that debut next month.
State Budget Provides Money For Prison ChangesCalifornia's new budget provides the framework for the state to comply with a federal court order to slice its prison population by more than 20 percent over the next two years, but also acknowledges the state is not likely to meet its initial deadline.