Starbucks Closing All Company-Owned Stores Tuesday Afternoon For Anti-Bias TrainingAfter the arrests in Philadelphia last month, the coffee chain's leaders reached out to activists and experts in bias training to put together a curriculum for its 175,000 workers.
Mixed Reactions To Starbucks Allowing Non-Customers To Use RestroomsThe customers only rule is being thrown out the window at Starbucks. There is a change in policy after a series of controversies at stores all across the country. CBSLA's Chris Holmstrom reports.
Starbucks Facing More Racism Allegations After Latino Customer Receives Cup With 'Beaner' On The Label"They asked for his name, and his name is 'Peter,' and they wrote this 'beaner," the victim's friend told CBS2 News, adding, "that's not fair."
Starbucks Overhauls Bathroom Policy After Racial FirestormStarbucks is opening its bathrooms to everyone regardless of whether they've bought anything following the arrest of two African American men at one of its shops in Philadelphia last month.
Black Men Arrested At Starbucks Settle For $1 Each, Promise Of $200K ProgramThe arrest of Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson on April 12 touched off a furor around the U.S. over racial profiling.
Black Men Arrested At Philadelphia Starbucks Say They Feared For Their LivesRashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, best friends since the fourth grade, were taken in handcuffs from the Starbucks in Philadelphia.
Starbucks To Close 8,000+ Stores Across US For 'Racial-Bias Education'Starbucks will be closing its doors for one day to conduct "racial-bias education geared toward preventing discrimination".
Video Surfaces Of Alleged Racial Profiling At Torrance StarbucksThe Starbucks racial controversy rages on. First it was Philly. This time in L.A. when a manager reportedly refused to give the bathroom code to a black man. Randy Paige reports.