Relocation Offers Pour In For Sriracha MakerA hot sauce company accused of stinking up the atmosphere around its Southern California plant is being peppered with offers to relocate.
Irwindale City Council Declares Sriracha Plant ‘Public Nuisance’ A Southern California city has declared the factory that produces the popular Sriracha hot sauce a public nuisance.
Irwindale City Council Postpones Decision On Possible Sriracha Plant Closure The discussion at Wednesday night’s Irwindale City Council meeting resulted in delaying the decision of whether or not to close the Huy Fong Foods Inc. facility, which some say has become a public nuisance.
Irwindale's Case Against Sriracha Factory To Go To Trial This FallThe makers of the popular Sriracha hot sauce will be put on trial this fall for the apparently offensive odors its factory emits in the city of Irwindale.
Debate Over Sriracha Factory Heats UpCity leaders held a public hearing Wednesday night to discuss the complaints that keep being leveled against the Sriracha hot sauce factory in South Los Angeles.
Melrose Eatery Booked To Capacity For 'Sriracha Shortage' MenuFor one night at least, the popular Sriracha chili sauce will be going Hollywood.
Sriracha Maker Forced To Halt Shipments Due To Health ConcernsA Sriracha maker has been forced to halt shipments of the popular hot sauce until mid-January due to health concerns.
Sriracha Factory Neighbors Worry Jobs Will Be Lost After Court RulingA judge has ordered a plant that produces the popular Sriracha chili sauce to stop emitting annoying odors in a ruling that left some nearby residents worried about a possible loss of jobs at the factory.
Judge Orders Partial Shutdown Of Sriracha Plant Because Of OdorAn L.A. Superior Court judge has ordered the Sriracha plant to partially shut down after receiving odor complaints from nearby Irwindale residents.
Sriracha Plant Faces Fresh Shutdown Effort Over Odor ComplaintsA Los Angeles Superior Court judge was expected Friday to rule on whether to grant a request to temporarily shut down an Irwindale chili sauce factory over complaints from local residents.
Irwindale Business Owners Say Sriracha Factory Delivers 'A Pleasant Scent'Two Irwindale business owners have come to the defense of the Sriracha chili sauce factory that the city wants to shut down because of the smell of peppers it produces.