Arleta Lawmaker Pushes To Ban 'For Sale' Signs On Parked CarsA San Fernando Valley lawmaker is calling for an ban on advertising and selling personal cars on certain streets in the city of Arleta.
2 Injured When SUV Crashes Into Store In HawthorneIt was unclear if the injuries involved people inside the store -- a sign shop -- or the vehicle.
Caught On Tape: Oxnard Couple Upset After Second Big Rig Crashes Through Their Front Yard A couple who live near Oxnard are taking a stand against big rig trucks.
Law Enforcement Officials Call For DA To Step Down Over Tampering AllegationsThe heads of several Riverside County law enforcement organizations Monday called for District Attorney Paul Zellerbach to resign in the wake of allegations that he pulled down signs belonging to an opponent's campaign.
Monterey Park Drops English-Letter Sign OrdinanceA Los Angeles suburb with a large Asian immigrant population has dropped a proposal that storefront signs contain letters used in English.
Monterey Park City Council Wants All Businesses To Have At Least 1 Sign In ‘Modern Latin’The Monterey Park City Council has proposed that all businesses and eateries in the city, where 67 percent of the population is of Asian descent, have at least one sign in the “modern Latin alphabet.”
Signs Along Pasadena Bridge Aimed At Curbing SuicidesThe city of Pasadena is set to display signs of life - literally - at a bridge where 13 people have committed suicide since 2006.
*Not the Kind of Sign, You Might Expect from the Church
Scientific Proof, Dogs are Smarter than Cats
Signs the Housing Market is Really in Trouble"Owner ready to croak must sell" would be one sign. Another would be calling your house a 'gem, except for asbestos."
How To Humiliate Your Kid, Around the World"Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor, I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should & should not post! BYE-BYE :( "