The Price You Pay For An Airline Ticket Is All In The Timing You're seated on a flight to NY and you paid $450 for the ride. The woman sitting next to you could have paid half that...and it might have come down to a simple equation...when you bought the ticket.
Is Your Privacy Being Compromised In Local Dressing Rooms?Do you ever feel like you’re being watched while trying on clothes in a store dressing room?
Borrow Designer Looks For Less At 'Rent The Runway'A new service is a veritable Netflix for fashionistas. At you can choose from a wide selection of high-end designers, rent an outfit for a special event and then return it the next day in an envelope.
Voting About To Close In Morning Crew Top Dog 'My Pet Rocks' ContestOK, so not as many people have voted for ... say President of the United States...or the next "American Idol."
Sibila Opens Up On Me...This led to a morning of interrogation by the rest of us: was it her call to make? Did she approach the offending vehicle? For the love of God, was she given a gun?
Famous Volunteers Help Assemble Holiday Food PackagesAs families continue to grapple with the recession, volunteers swarmed the Los Angeles Food Bank Saturday to help put together holiday food packages.
The Crimefighter Who Took The Law--& A Pumpkin--Into His Own HandsMy favorite quote from the TV station that talked to him; "He fell down into the pumpkin, too. And he was spitting up pumpkin." Law enforcement points out it's never safe, taking the law into... bla bla bla.
The Worst Blog, Ever. And I Blame Sibila.
Sibila's & Whitney's "Perfect Day." And Josh Can Play Too. First, get the family to Farmers' Market for a breakfast burrito.
Sibila Vargas, ExposedShe actually has the theme song to Rocky on her iPod. Her favorite food appears to be sushi. Her family's nickname for her is "Cookie." Her favorite TV show --and here she wavered-- is ...
Sibila Vargas Named Co-Anchor Of CBS2 Morning NewscastsFormer Los Angeles-based CNN anchor, correspondent and producer Sibila Vargas will be returning to Southern California as co-anchor of CBS2’s weekday 4:30 – 7:00 a.m. and 11 a.m. newscasts.