Toxic Algae Blooms Blamed For Stranded Sea Lions Twelve pregnant female sea lions were rescued last week in waters off the coast that exhibited symptoms of domoic acid poisoning.
Unusually Warm Ocean Water Is Literally Making Sea Lions SickThe animals are having trouble finding food up and down the coast.
3 Sea Lions, Elephant Seal Injured By Refugio Oil Spill Released Into WildThree California sea lions and an elephant seal who were exposed to an oil spill near Santa Barbara in May have been returned to the wild.
Police: Sea Lions' Chlorine Injury An Accident, Not Criminal AttackSeventeen sea lions injured and sickened by too much chlorine at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center were victims of an accident, not a criminal attack as was initially suspected, police said Thursday.
Sea Lions Injured In Chlorine Poisoning Released Back Into The OceanMore than a dozen sea lions injured in a chlorine attack at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center were released back into the ocean in Laguna Beach Tuesday.
Sea Lions Recuperating After Being Poisoned With ChlorinePolice continue to search Wednesday for the person responsible for poisoning more than a dozen sea lions at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach.
Suspect Sought In Chlorine Poisoning Of 17 Sea Lions At OC Rehab CenterLaguna Beach police detectivessay a suspect trespassed onto the property of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center and introduced a large amount of chlorine into the water filtration system between 8 p.m. April 27 and 6 a.m. April 28.
Local Mother Launches Campaign To Protect Stranded Sea Lions From PublicA statewide initiative to protect sick and stranded sea lions along the coast has become one local woman's personal crusade.
Pacific Marine Mammal Center Seeks Public's Help During Sea Lion Stranding Crisis The Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMCC) sought the public's help Friday during a massive influx of sea lion rescues in coastal communities.
Marine Crisis: Over 1,200 Sick Sea Lion Pups Stranded On California Beaches A record number of sick sea lion pups have been found stranded on the beaches of Southern California, with an unprecedented 1,200 washing up in 2015 so far alone.
California Scientists Use Stricken Sea Mammal Samples To Create 'Disease Map' Of CoastCalifornia marine scientists are collecting samples from sea mammals around the state in an effort to create a map of toxic hot spots.