Best 2016 New Year's Eve Parties In Los AngelesNew Year's Eve in Los Angeles is as festive as anywhere else in the nation. Actually, in many ways, the City of Angels is even more festive because who doesn't enjoy a good party, Hollywood style?
Chino Hills Residents Get Rude Awakening When Large Balloon Crashes In Their Neighborhood"The police said don’t go near it," said resident Janet Olafsson.
Freeze, Burn, Shake: Extreme Testing Ensures Satellite Equipment Will Withstand SpaceProtecting the military's most sensitive information begins in the most unusual of places.
NASA Launches Revolutionary OCO-2 Satellite For Climate Study, Avenges 2009 SetbackWhile most of the public, including observers, space enthusiasts and environmentalists, will see the launch as the largest effort to study climate change in human history, NASA will see the launch, set for 2:58 a.m. Tuesday, as a realization of redemption.
Hawthorne-Based SpaceX Scrubs Satellite LaunchA Hawthorne-based space transport company was forced to scrub a privately-financed satellite launch for the second time this week over technical glitches.
NASA Radar Shows Near-Earth Asteroid Bringing Its Own Moon A mile-long asteroid set to pass safely by Earth on Friday appears to be bringing along a companion.
NASA: 6-Ton Satellite Hits Earth; Location UnknownNASA says a defunct 6-ton satellite has fallen from the sky. The agency posted on its official Twitter site that the spacecraft crashed through the atmosphere early Saturday morning. A location was not immediately known.
Will Falling Satellite Hit California?Aerospace Corporation of El Segundo is on Satellite Watch and they suggest that falling six-ton satellite has a chance to hit the Western Pacific Ocean and Western US -- including California.
NASA Says Satellite Has Slowed, May Now Hit AmericaNASA now says that one of its six-ton satellites could hit the United States when it falls to earth late Friday night or early Saturday morning.
NASA: Crashing Satellite No Threat To West Coast, North America The sky won't be falling after all — at least not on us here in Southern California.
Could NASA's Six-Ton UARS Satellite Hit Southern California Friday?One of NASA’s six-ton satellites is expected to fall to earth later this week.