San Bernardino Attack Survivors Implore County Officials To Help Them Get Needed Medications, TreatmentsSurvivors of last year's San Bernardino attack implored county officials to help them get needed medications and treatment.
Gov. Brown Vetoes Bill That Would Repay San Bernardino Terror Response CostsGov. Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation that would have fully repaid local agencies for about $1.6 million in costs incurred in responding to the December mass shooting in San Bernardino.
Democratic Senator Frustrated By Inaction On Guns Begins FilibusterConnecticut Sen. Chris Murphy says he'll stay on the Senate floor "until we get some signal, some sign that we can come together."
California Democrats Advance Sweeping Gun-Control BillsAmong the proposals is one that would require people to turn in or destroy magazines capable of holding more than 10 bullets.
San Bernardino Sends Orlando Message Of Solidarity: 'We Went Through This'"We’re sending Orlando a message of solidarity. We went through this," said Javier Hernandez, a vigil organizer Monday.
San Bernardino Man Recounts Police Shootout With 2 Terrorists Outside His Home 6 Months LaterNathan Hernandez said he was home that day and heard every shot. Many whizzed by his windows. Some hit the trailer in his driveway.
Prosecutors: Alleged Gun Buyer In San Bernardino Massacre Knew Aspiring JihadistsFederal prosecutors say the man suspected of buying high-powered rifles used in the San Bernardino terrorist attack had ties to a group of California jihadists.
U.S. Seeks To Seize San Bernardino Shooter's Life Insurance As Survivors Speak OutThe U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles filed the civil asset forfeiture lawsuit for the two policies worth a total of $275,000.
FBI Says It Won't Disclose How It Accessed San Bernardino Attacker's Locked iPhoneThe FBI said Wednesday that it will not publicly disclose the method that allowed it to break into a locked iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, noting the agency lacks enough "technical information" about the software vulnerability that was exploited.
Boyfriend Of San Bernardino Massacre Victim Breaks SilenceA loved one of a victim of the San Bernardino massacre broke his silence Tuesday about the FBI's feud with Apple, Inc., and the latest terrorist attack in Brussels.
FBI Unlocks San Bernardino Terrorist's iPhone With Help Of Third PartyThe FBI will not say how it unlocked the phone or with whose help. But some experts speculate that the NAND mirroring method was used.
FBI: Shooter's iPhone Possibly Accessible Without Apple HelpThe FBI may have found another way, and Apple's cooperation may no longer be needed, according to court papers filed late Monday.
FBI: Might Have A Way To Unlock San Bernardino Attacker's iPhoneThe heavyweight legal fight between the federal government and Apple Inc. heads to the courtroom after weeks of public sparring over whether the tech giant should be forced to hack into a dead San Bernardino attacker's iPhone.
US Appeals Ruling On Accessing Data In New York iPhone CaseThe Justice Department is appealing a New York judge's ruling that Apple cannot be forced to help the government hack into an iPhone in a routine drug case.
Apple Accuses US Gov't Of Seeking 'Dangerous Power' In San Bernardino iPhone HackThe filing represents Apple's first official response since the judge's order last week and builds upon arguments voiced by the company's chief executive and supporters.