Salton Sea 'Rotten Egg' Smell Triggers Coachella Valley Odor AdvisoryAn odor advisory was issued for the Coachella Valley on Sunday as elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide gas made the Salton Sea stink of rotten eggs.
Swarm Of Earthquakes Shake Imperial County's CalipatriaTwo small earthquakes have struck a sparsely populated area of the Southern California desert, but there have been no reports of any damages or injuries.
2 Small Quakes Shake Southeast Corner Of Salton SeaA magnitude-4.1 earthquake shook an area near the Salton Sea but there have been no reports of damages or injuries.
3.0-Magnitude Quake Recorded Near Salton SeaA quake measuring a magnitude 3.0 struck near the Salton Sea.
Smog Regulators Approve $200K Salton Sea Stench Monitoring SystemMonths after an unusual stench blanketed parts of Southern California, local smog regulators have approved a $200,000 system to monitor the stench, it was reported Saturday.
Salton Sea The Culprit Of SoCal Stink Air quality investigators have confirmed that a foul stench that stretched across Southern California came from the Salton Sea.
Insurance Gap Looms For Brawley Residents As More Quakes ExpectedHomeowners in the Imperial Valley and across the Southland may be rethinking their insurance coverage after a swarm of light to moderate earthquakes has left the region rattled.
Sheriff's Deputies Unfazed After Dozens Of Earthquakes Rattle Salton SeaA swarm of over two dozen earthquakes has done little to disrupt the lives of residents and sheriff's deputies.
Report Warns Southland Residents To Prepare For Mega QuakeResearchers have discovered some faults near the Salton Sea that they believe could trigger "The Big One".
Could Man Be At Fault For The Next Big Quake? Researchers at the Scripps Institution For Oceanography warn that man’s interference with the Colorado River could set the stage for a major earthquake along the San Andres Fault.
What's Rotten In Mecca? Stench Blamed On Waste Treatment PlantOfficials say the odor that has plagued the desert town can likely be blamed on a nearby water treatment plant.