Hawthorne Police Chief Addresses Fatal Dog Shooting In Letter To CommunityHawthorne's Chief of Police issued a "Letter to the Community" Friday addressing the controversial fatal shooting of a Rottweiler puppy on June 3.
Group 'Anonymous' Targets Hawthorne Police Department For Fatally Shooting DogThe group "Anonymous" -- self-described "hack-tivists" -- have targeted the Hawthorne Police department in response to authorities fatally shooting a man's dog.
Hawthorne Officers Involved With Rottweiler Killing Reassigned Due To Death ThreatsThe Hawthorne Police Department reassigned three officers involved with the killing of a Rottweiler during an arrest over the weekend due to death threats.
Hawthorne Police Launch 2 Investigations Into Fatal Shooting Of RottweilerThe Hawthorne Police Department will launch multiple investigations into the fatal shooting of a Rottweiler over the weekend, which was caught on video and subsequently posted on YouTube.
Viral Video Appears To Show Hawthorne Police Fatally Shoot DogA video posted online apparently shows Hawthorne police officers fatally shooting the dog of a man filming a nearby barricade situation, an attorney said Monday.
Adorable Rottweiler-Mix Puppy Left For Dead In Riverside Garbage DumpsterA rottweiler-hound mix was left for dead in a Riverside apartment complex trash dumpster, according to authorities.
Moreno Valley Pawn Shop Employee, Dog Disarm Robber A robbery suspect is behind bars Saturday after being stopped by a store employee and the shop's stubborn dog.
Caught On Camera: Man Nabs Puppies From Lawndale BusinessA dog-napper lured two Rottweiler puppies away from a business in Lawndale as the manager worked just a few feet away.